Monday, March 21, 2011

[announcement] Break Down The Walls

And so here we are again: the 3rd incarnation of LIONCITYDIY.

The first time, it was a dot com, but later on it got harder and harder to raise the funds for the yearly server fees, which made it difficult for sustainability in the long run. Furthermore, the contributing pool was concentrated on a small handful of people -- which made the effort of continuing the site pointless, at least on a monetary level.

It was decided that the portal be mainly a messageboard the second time around. It ran on a free messageboard server so the issue of maintaining the site monetarily fell away. However, response was dismal this time. If it was tough finding contributors the first time (when it was a site that was akin to an e-zine), it was even more of a challenge trying to urge the messageboard into life. Turnover rate for new posts was extremely slow, and there were even times when it lay dormant like it was on its last breaths. And so we decided to terminate it prematurely; a virtual euthanasia, if you will.

LIONCITYDIY is still a decentralized collective as it was before. It still hopes to continue on in such a tradition. Despite the fact that there are webmasters running the site now, you are still welcome to say your piece. You are still welcome to contribute your photos, artwork, and reviews. You are still welcome to suggest ideas on how we can make our local scene better.

Maybe this time it will be better. The third time's the charm and all of that. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

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