Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[event] The Resistance Movement // 17th Sept 2011 till 8th Oct 2011 @ TAKSU Singapore


A group exhibition by:

Farizwan Fajari (SPEAK CRYPTIC)

Eman Raharno (CLOGTWO!)

Mazlan Ahmad (SKOPE)

Shahril Supangat (ONETWODELTA)

Curated by Razi Razak (STATEMENT)

17th September - 8th October 2011, TAKSU Singapore
Opening Reception: Saturday, 17th Sept 2011, 6.30 - 10.00 pm

TAKSU Singapore
43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-72 Workloft@Chip Bee
(Opposite Holland Village)
Singapore 278115
T: +65 6476 4788

Gallery Hours :
Tues-Sat - 10am to 7pm
Sun - 12pm to 7pm

Saturday, August 27, 2011

[event] Hardcore Destruccion! // 25th Sept 2011 @ Chapter Six Studios

The Blackhole212 crew bring you another show, this time in the form of headlining Basque Country punx DISKOIRAA who will start their SE Asia tour next weekend.

Also on the bill are:

VAARALLINEN (Scandi hardcore)
BLOODSTONE (thrash metal)
DISTRUST (alcocider punx)

25th Sept 2011
Chapter Six Studios
87A Rowell Road
6pm, $7 at the door

[event] Ignore All Detour Signs // 24th Sept 2011 @ Sinema Old School

Ignore All Detour Signs
by Helmi Ali (Singapore)
Rated PG / 55mins

Sinema, 11B Mount Sophia, Old School, 24th Sept 2011, 9.30pm

Like any other up-and-coming band, local post-rock outfit I Am David Sparkle were psyched at being invited to the world-famous South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in March 2009. But getting their act to their biggest stage yet with a lack of money and many an obstacle promised to knock the stuffing out of them, constantly telling them to take a detour. This local documentary chronicles their journey of passion, belief, and pulling out all the stops - from a fundraising gig to selling T-shirts - to raise sufficient funds in two months. Their spirit is admirable and this documentary... well, its really quite sparkling.

Head to for more information.

There will also be a post-screening Q&A session with director Helmi Ali and I Am David Sparkle.

[event] Heavyweight Dub, Blistering Ska, & Roots Reggae // 10th Sept 2011 @ Blu Jaz Cafe


With live performances by:

Gaining recognition from local gig organizer,these boys grabs any opportunities that comes their way. Progressing seems visible for the band they will never stop even though they are satisfied.Still wanting to inspire and be heard, these boys continues composing songs and making you dance. Their influences ranges from the old rock and roll band the beatles to the likes of Mando Diao, a modern rock and roll band.

These boys are determined to make it big and they will never stop believing.

The Pinholes is the band you'd wanna bring home to your family. This four-piece has breathed new life into the Singapore Rock & Roll left void by the Legends of Golden Venus. The Pinholes' zany, high-energy live performances and playful, hard rocking psychedelica tunes have earned them many friends/fans/families and a cult following in constituencies like Bukit Gombak, Bandung (Indonesia), Bukit Bintang (Malaysia) and Austin (USA). And yes, they do house parties too. Book them now to avoid disappointment. Remember: good, clean fun for the whole family!

An avid ska/punk band since early 1999, FPM is majorly influenced by the Japanese ska/punk melodious ska beats. With unique and addictive sounds, FPM was accepted by the local scenesters. They were given the chance to play in the same stage as other great ska bands in Singapore and Malaysia like Fairy Goat Mudder, Useless Espionage, Air Sick Pilots, 73, Plague of Happiness, Kluk Kluk Adventure, GSC and more. Started out as a 3-piece ska punk band, FPM found that they could enhance their sound by adding more members in the Munkee family tree. Throughout the years, there were a few that came and go. But the remaining members of FPM are very thankful for having them in their band as they have contributed a lot of effort and energy in the band. Wherever they are right now, they will never be forgotten. FPM's current line up compromises of Fid(vox and guitar), Ogy(drums), joshiO(bass), Nahar@Bear(trumpet), Lil Hafiz(sax) and Ben(trombone). FPM hit the recording studio in the year 2000 to record their EP. There were ups and down in the journey of FPM in the ska scene in spore. Some find FPM too "aggro" for a ska band, some just don't understand the music at all. Yet FPM still maintain their style and soon more seems to appreciate their music.

With DJs:
Rumshot - dub/ska/reggae/rocksteady
Ras Irie - roots reggae (vinyl set)
Sham Em - dancehall/reggae
Twica - electronica/dub
Plus Nueva - dub/live visuals


Thursday, August 18, 2011

[event] Super String Theory // 19th Aug 2011 @ Night & Day bar + gallery + friends

"Super String Theory"
feat. One Lick Less (FR, self-made tabletop guitar) & Jordan Johari (SG, guzheng, zither, guitar).

Admission by donation.

One Lick Less, a.k.a. Julien Bancilhon, brings to audiences a powerful, haunting dynamic sound using original, lapsteel guitars of the hawaiian and american tradition as well as unique, handmade guitars built from scratch in his home in Paris, France. A psychologist working with autistics by day, Bancilhon’s dedication to his music leads him by night to compose sublime melodies, augmented sometimes with poignant lyrics, fusing the traditions of american blues and experimental folk. Inspired by his travels and an insatiable appetite for life and the people he encounters through work and play, Bancilhon began his musical journey in his late teens with hours spent enraptured by the sounds of such blues and rock greats as Skip James, John Fahey and Henry Vestine. A native of South France, the decision in the mid 2000s to perform to a wider crowd beyond close friends and family has led One Lick Less to play and sing to enthralled audiences in Europe and China. Now, he is excited to deliver his richly layered and textured sonic style to South-east Asia.

Jordan Johari (born Rais Jordan Johari, on October 19, 1978, in Singapore) is a Malay multi-instrumentalist, experimental filmmaker, and score/song writer. Besides writing his own stuff, he also plays with Under The Velvet Sky, a Singapore-based free jazz/prog rock improv band.

Supported by Ujikaji Records.

And for those of you who may have missed One Lick Less's performance at his last gig (Frottage: Casual Encounters at the Pigeonhole iii.), you can do so here. Get stoked!

Monday, August 15, 2011

[tour] DISKOIRÄÄ (ES) SE Asia Tour (Sept 2011)

After a short lull in the SE Asia DIY-punk touring circuit come Basque Country punx DISKOIRÄÄ, who play a brand of straightforward yet fast and dirty hardcore-punk. They will be on the road for an entire month, with dates in Bangkok, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Look out for them! In the meantime, if you are ever so inclined, you can download tracks from them here (split w/ METRALLETA) and here (Play And Record EP). Just remember to buy their records if you like 'em (not that we had to remind you, of course)!

[event] Rock! Paper! Poster! // 23rd Aug-6th Sept 2011 @ The Pigeonhole

An art exhibition of screen-printed concert posters by celebrated poster artists from around the world. The exhibition runs from August 23 to September 6 at The Pigeonhole, and will showcase over 20 limited-­edition works created for bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, Feist, Arcade Fire, The Pixies and Sigur Ros. Featured artists and design groups include Dan Stiles, Guy Burwell, Invisible Creature, Methane Studios, Vahalla Studios and James Flames.

A launch reception for the public will be held at The Pigeonhole on August 23, from 7pm to 9pm with select local screen printed gig posters available for purchase.

This event is free and open to the public.

Brought to you by KittyWu Records.

[event] Fukushima! // 15th Aug 2011 @ Black Box, Goodman Arts Centre

Fukushima, once a quiet rural area in North-East Japan is now world-infamous as the site of possibly the worst human-caused disasters in history. The radioactive pollution continues to this day to spread in our air, water, soil and food. This has forcibly removed around 97,000 people (and counting) from the area, displacing them from their homes to start new lives from scratch.

However, the displacement is not just geographical, but also political and psychological. Fukushima, as a region with its own history and culture, is blindly being ostracized from Japan’s economic activities and being kept off the radar from the general public. Project Fukushima! is an initiative to keep Fukushima alive and connected. This tragic event must be remembered for and used as a stepping point towards a better future.

Fukushima! is a series of simultaneous events happening throughout the world on 15 August. In Singapore, it will happen in Goodman Arts Centre, Black Box, on 15 August, 8pm.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

[event] Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak #05-2011 // 19th Aug 2011 @ Emily Hill

[R.I.T.E.S #05-2011]
Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak

Mike HJ Chang
Marla Bendini
Noor Effendy Ibrahim

7.30pm, Friday, 19th August 2011
at Emily Hill, Whitehouse
11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120

This event is by free admission, all donations are welcomed


Artists' info:

Mike HJ Chang is a Taiwanese American working as an art educator and living in Singapore. He received his MFA from California Institute of the Arts with a MFA. He receive his B.A. from University of California, Los Angeles. Recently he exhibited at Goodmen Arts Centre Gallery, Post Museum and TickleArt in Singapore and at Dobaebacsa in Seoul. He runs a small art space in Singapore, called FOXRIVER. Chang is right now working on multi-discipline projects titled Is What and Night, a Circular Room. Chang’s performance based pieces are often biographical, drawn from personal experiences, but plays out by a pseudo-character in which he invents. In his last performance piece Vampire Lecture Series (2005-2008), he uses the character of a vampire as an analogy to photography: both are light sensitive, both desire something they can’t have, both spend a large amount of time inside a dark room.

Mike Chang’s “Upright Monologue” is a monologue performance based on the format of standup comedy show. The piece traces the evolution of homosapian, different types of society, and the language component that we often take for granted. A mixture of science, time travel, autobiography, and a slice of art humor. The monologue piece explores languages through different human times, from cave to our modern high raises: the subtlety of our languages is correlated to our living dwelling, architectures, and space design for our bodies. In the beginning of time our ancestors stood up on their two legs, from quadruped to bipedal, so they could get better view of the horizon (predator, food). What happens to our evolution with social media and comfortable computer chair? Perhaps the answers are in the words.

Marla Bendini lives and works in Singapore. The artist’s multi-displinary & highly personal works has become her signature, expressing ideas about transgenderism, gender binaries and the dysfunction of social and cultural structures, particularly with her personal physical body as an articulation tool. Born Ong Boon Kok, Bendini Junior in 1986, “Marla Bendini” was created in 2007, an ongoing process of the identity as the “art form”. Her first self-titled exhibition “Marla.” brought her to Pattaya, Thailand in 2008. Sponsored by, Asia’s largest LGBT portal, she presented Conversations between father and son (2010), a multimedia installation performance supported by The Substation Gallery, Singapore. She is a founding member of the Sisters in Solidarity (SIS), an educational campaign that seeks to address, educate and take a stand against the stigma that transgender people in Singapore face in everyday life.

Marla’s performance, “Surrogate N°3”, is developed from Surrogate, a series of performance pieces that explores the relationship between art and the subjects, spearheaded with a focus on spontaneity in the interaction between performer(s), space and time. A bedsheet is a common motif in the performances- as a billboard in Surrogate N°1 and Noah’s Ark in Surrogate N°2.

Noor Effendy Ibrahim, living and working in Singapore, is a recipient of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) Singapore Foundation Culture Award 2007, He has served as a member of the Singapore National Arts Council Board from 2004 to 2006 (7th term), and currently sits as a Board Member of the Singapore Film Commission (2010-2012) and the Malay Heritage Foundation (2010-2011) At present moment, Effendy is the Artistic Director of The Substation, Singapore’s first independent contemporary art centre, Effendy has also served as the Artistic Director of Teater Ekamatra, a Singapore-based contemporary Malay Theatre company, from 2001-2006. An interdisciplinary artist, Effendy has created solo and ensemble art projects and performances in several countries, and has worked with Teater Kami, Teater Ekamatra, Teater Artistik, The Actors Studio (Malaysia), Cake Theatre, spell#7, Maya Dance Theatre, and Five Arts Centre (Malaysia), among other arts groups and collectives.

Effendy’s durational piece, “Dancing with the Ghost of My Child” is the first of a new series of physical rituals that the artist is researching on how the mind, heart and body reconcile personal and intimate notions of impossible needs and desires through visceral acts and habits. Through such rituals, it is hoped that the ghost of the impossible will be conceived to fill the painful void left behind by despair when the needs and desires of the person is not fulfilled.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[shoutout] Blackhole Radio #5 August 2011

Blackhole Radio skips July to come back in August with a vengeance! Featuring an assortment of DIY hardcore punk rock from Australasia and beyond, it's worth a check out to discover bands one may have yet to hear before.

[event] Concert For the World's Saddest Dolphins // 28th Aug 2011 @ Hong Lim Park

Animal welfare and charity NGO ACRES are holding a concert in the park to raise awareness, and to show solidarity with the 25 wild dolphins which Resorts World Sentosa have continued to keep in their premises for entertainment purposes. They have continued to turn a deaf ear despite the pleas of Singaporeans and international organizations to do the right thing and release the dolphins.

The concert will include performances by several prominent bands and musicians -- JACK AND RAI, SIXX, D'FUSION, ZAL EMPTY, ALICIA PAN, and MICHAELA THERESE, who will be donating their precious time and talent for the dolphins' benefit.

The gathering will result in the formation of the shape of a giant dolphin for the cameras, and everyone is encouraged to sing "Please let the dolphins go" together, in one loud voice.

We must not let RWS, or any corporation in the future, get the idea that they can simply get away with abduction and exploitation of wild animals for profit.

Sunday, 28 August 2011, 4:30pm
Hong Lim Park, Exit A of Clarke Quay MRT
The event is free of charge.

**Please wear the ACRES black campaign t-shirt which explicitly says, "Resorts World, please let the dolphins go". You can pick them up at the concert for $20. However, ACRES understands that not everyone can buy a t-shirt, so just come in a black top otherwise!

[event] Frottage: Casual Encounters at the Pigeonhole iii. // 14th Aug 2011 @ The Pigeonhole

Unrelenting hardcore-punk party starters 7x0x7 and experimental music curators Ujikaji Records team up for something a little different – a series of musical presentations at book café and dynamic arts space The Pigeonhole.

Featuring touring bands from Belgium/Canada, New Zealand and France and representing a smorgasbord of diverse musical visions from Psychedelic Rock to Folk Soul, these casual encounters are designed to rub off on you in all possible ways.

Less than a month and they're in their 3rd one in the series already. This one sees improv blues guitar wizard ONE LICK LESS (FR), bedroom minimal folk HANGING UP THE MOON (Sean Lam/Concave Scream), and whisky oak soulster LINDA ONG (Lunarin)

Doors open at 7:30pm, performances begin promptly at 8:00pm.

$10 at the door.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[event] Real Life Speaks Up: The 4th Singapore Indie Doc Fest // 18th-21st Aug 2011 @ The Substation

4th Singapore Indie Doc Fest
Thursday 18 – Sunday 21 August
The Substation Theatre
Admission: Tickets available from the box office
Contact Mish’aal at 6337 7800 /

Singapore’s first ever international documentary film festival returns, featuring more compelling works, portraying real people, exciting personas and reflecting the trials and tribulations of our time. Indie documentaries that say what they want.

Please go to the 4th Singapore Indie Doc Fest microsite to see full line-up of films and schedule.

[event] Etiquette II // 3rd Aug-28th Aug 2011 @ The Substation

Etiquette, an annual event in its second installment, is a multidisciplinary showcase of art, writing and film, created by, and about women. Addressing gender as a subject of discourse, it uses art as a tool to create spaces within which critical and creative conversations can take place. Featuring an all-female crew of over 30 artists, writers, filmmakers and curators, this year’s event gets down and dirty with pertinent women’s issues that people would rather not discuss at the dinner-table.

Wednesday 3 – Sunday 28 August
The Substation Gallery
Admission: Free

Reception: Wednesday 3 August, 7pm

Documented surgery set to music, photographic setups of family tension, secrets whispered in a back room. Showcasing the work of 12 artists and contemporary craft collective Popin, expect the poignant and poetic as well as the creative and critical with this multidisciplinary exhibition that features established names such as The Substation’s Associate Artist, Hazel Lim, and internationally exhibited, Lynn Lu, together with emerging talents such as photographer Geraldine Kang. Curated by Tania De Rozario & Zarina Muhammad.

Words – Women Out Loud
Thursday 4 August 2011, 7:45-10pm
The Substation Theatre
Admission: Entry by donation

Be a part of the inaugural Women Out Loud, and listen to poetry, prose, and dialogue from nine writers for whom the personal need not necessarily be private. Including readings from award-winning novelist, short-story writer and playwright Ovidia Yu as well as published author-artist Dana Lam, listen your way through an emotional night of first love, supermarket rage, mother-daughter tension and clinical regret in this line-up of words created not for the faint-of-heart. Curated by Tania De Rozario & Zarina Muhammad.

Friday 5 – Saturday 6 August, 7-10pm
The Substation Theatre
Admission: $25 per night or $45 for both nights, available from the box office
Contact Mish’aal at 6337 7800 /

"Action" has always been a word voiced traditionally in the history of cinema, by a man behind the camera. Action in general, is an activity, an effort, a deed, a step – an initiation. Etiquette’s inaugural film event showcases ten Singaporean and Singapore-based female filmmakers under one roof over one weekend, in celebration of the just-do-it spirit in the film industry. The Saturday night screening will be followed by a Q&A with all participating filmmakers. Curated by Mardhiah Osman & Mabelyn Ow.

Friday 5 August

1. Dirty Bitch | Sun Koh | 10 mins (R21)
2. Substitute | A.D. Chan | 20:32 mins (M18)
3. Come | Kirsten Tan | 22 mins (M18)
4. Overhead Clouds | Yeo Lee Nah | 5 mins (PG)
5. Shout | Lillian Wang | 18 mins (PG)
6. Still Life | Lillian Wang | 9 mins (TBA)
7. Smell of Rain (feature) | Gloria Chee | 93 mins (PG)

Total screening time is 178 mins. No discussion on Friday.

Saturday, 6 August

1. She Shapes a Nation | Dana Lam | 21 mins (PG)
2. Bullet Proof Vest | May Lin Au Yong | 5:34 mins (TBA)
3. Under the Storybook Sky | May Lin Au Yong | 14 mins (PG)
4. Rahim | Murni Mastan | 21 mins (PG)
5. Durai & Saro | Prema Menon | 30 mins (PG)
6. Pink Paddlers | Jasmine Ng | 63 mins (PG)

Supported by Objectifs. All profits from ticket sales will be donated to Associate of Women for Action and Research (AWARE).

Satellite Events:

POPIN Workshops
Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 August, 8-10pm
The Substation Gallery
Admission: by donation

Contemporary craft collective POPIN addresses the undeniable anxiety that accompanies women who feel the need to ensure that their menstrual cycles remain both verbally and physically hidden. Inviting audiences to participate in the creation of a sewn-installation made from materials derived from tampons and sanitary pads, members of the public are drawn into conversations about menstruation, while sitting around the table and contributing to the organic growth of an artwork.

A Short History of Modesty in Southeast Asia: From the Control of Womens’ Selves to their Bodies
by Dr Farish Ahmad Noor
Saturday 6 August, 3-5pm
The Substation Theatre
Admission: by donation

Feminist theory has, since its inception, made inquiries into the relationship between women’s bodies and selves. In this talk, author and political scientist Dr. Farish Noor will present his research on the historical narrative of women’s bodies and roles as well as the social construct of gender-appropriate behaviour through two particular garments made for women over the course of history.