Thursday, December 22, 2011

[event] Anatomically // Self-Destruct vol. 6 // 24th Dec 2011 @ Chapter Six Studios

2-piece shredder grindcore SETE STAR SEPT (JP) blasts into SE Asia for the 2nd time with their 1st show on the tour in Lion fucking City!

This formidable duo is an absolute mess in the best way, shredding and grinding their way into a whirlpool of noise grind chaos. For the kids who heart blastbeats, get ready!

Supporting them are reviled grind bastards WORMROT (needs no introduction, really!), neo-crusties ABYSMAL FORNIKATE from Johor Bahru, and experimental noise fellas CIRCUITRIP!

Do you want to miss this show? No, not really. Gear up for a night of blas(t)phemy this X'mas Eve!

Doors open at 6pm, tickets are $7 apiece. Go!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

[tour] Night Hag (AU) SE Asia Tour (Jan 2012)

So, here's another bunch of highly-combustible, pissed-off Australian kids coming your way. What's new, you ask? We say PLENTY! Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, NIGHT HAG play a style of dark melodic hardcore, known in most circles as "blackened hardcore", a term which has been slowly but surely creeping into the excited vocabulary of many voracious ear-punishers in the scene -- first originating via bands such as the States’ own ravagers TEEN CTHULHU and then Canada’s anarchos ISKRA; and lately utilized by the earwax-removing BLACK BREATH and YOUNG & IN THE WAY.

This label may be alien to some. Why 'blackened' hardcore? Do you mean dark hardcore? No. All of the aforementioned bands come out with something which is like a cross between the hellish, cold brutality of Norwegian black metal and the harder, bleaker sounds of hardcore-punk. Imagine crust and black metal, powerviolence and black metal, grindcore and black metal, and even d-beat and black metal! At this point in time, the genre is still fresh and very encouraging for those who want to see a bit musical progression in the hardcore-punk scene. That said, not many are that successful in blending the many disparate influences into a cohesive free-flowing unique blend.

And NIGHT HAG does it well. They will be blazing a trail through Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia in a blitzkrieg 2-week tour so if you already like what you are hearing, you won't want to miss this!

More details for the Singapore show soon enough.

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p/s: They've got a Soundcloud here, too.

[event] Tribal Gathering of Jaw Benders // 17th Dec 2011 @ The Substation

As the year comes to an end, join The Substation on Saturday 17 December as they close the year with great original music by local bands, musicians and sound artists. The first annual Tribal Gathering of Jaw Benders will kick off with Gagging Sessions from 2pm-6pm, and conclude with performances by a wide-range of musical acts from 7pm-2am.


Gagging Sessions
Saturday 17 December, 2pm-6pm
The Substation Theatre and Balcony
Admission: Free

The Substation’s Tribal Gathering music programme invites all local emerging and established bands, sound artists, vocal/voice artists, and traditional musicians to share new, original works. The Gagging Sessions will be held in The Substation Theatre for full band, orchestral and electronic sets, and on the Balcony for acoustic and sound art sets.

4pm - 6pm Max Lane

3pm Narisa Chan
4pm Anechois
5pm Deon The Band


Tribal Gathering of Jaw Benders
Various Artists
Saturday 17 December 7pm–2am
The Substation Theatre and Balcony
Admission: $20 / $15 (concession) for admission to The Substation Theatre (balcony performances are free) available from the box office

Contact Mish’aal at 6337 7800 /

A diverse range of artists such as Naz, circuitrip, and The Analog Girl will be performing in the theatre, as well as on the third level balcony, spilling glorious sound onto the whole stretch of Armenian Street.

7pm Bardo
8pm Naz
9pm Cyril Wong
10pm Circuitrip
11pm Red Over Darjeeling
12pm Analog Girl

730 Seyra
830 Caracal
930 Marilyns
1030 Cesspit
1130 Akta Angkasa
1230 The Psalms

At the alley, there will be satay, Ramli Burgers from the famous Uncle Ramli and drinks from KICKstart BREWiches Cafe on sale!

Monday, December 12, 2011

[event] Parkway Drive (US) live in Singapore // 14th Dec 2011 @ *Scape Warehouse

Blasting out of Byron, almost as an affront to the serenity of their surrounds, PARKWAY DRIVE quickly established themselves as the most formidable force Australian heavy hardcore had ever seen. A five-piece of awesome power and charisma, they caused a storm in their homeland that is quite literally without precedent, charting in the national Top 40 with their utterly brutal 2005 full-length debut “Killing With A Smile”.

Having recorded their first two albums with Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage, Deep Blue was tracked and mixed in Los Angeles, CA by Joe Barresi (Queens Of The Stone Age, Bad Religion, Tool), and mastered by legendary mastering engineer Brian Gardner.

Crisp, unprocessed and impossibly heavy, the production on Deep Blue brings out every nuance of Parkway Drive ‘s freshly re-focused sound.

With 13 tracks in all, standouts include “Sleepwalker”, “Deliver Me” and “Unrest”. Bad Religion guitarist and Epitaph owner Brett Gurewitz makes a guest vocal appearance on “Home is for the Heartless”, which brings epic punk rock choruses and crazed metallic finger-tapping guitarwork into the established Parkway paradigm.

One of the most anticipated heavy releases of the 2010, Deep Blue charted at # 2 on the ARIA chart and #39 on the US Billboard 200, #1 on the ARIA Australian Artist chart and # 1 on the Independent chart. In October it won the Best Hard Rock / Punk album at the Australian Independent Music Awards, was presented the inaugural ARIA for Best Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Album and was voted the number 1 metal album of 2010 in UK’s Classic Rock Magazine. More recently Deep Blue achieved gold sales status, this being the bands first gold album.

Venue : Scape Warehouse, Singapore
Date : 14 December 2011, Wednesday

Pre-sale Tickets sold at:
- Inokii, 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #03-30
- Boards N Stuff, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #02-21/22 (Please bring exact cash)


Opening Acts :
After The Sky (SG)
Ruins & Remains (SG)

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

[event] One More For The Road // 10th & 11th Dec 2011 @ Home Club

Wake Me Up Music, Singapore's premium indie record label, is taking a long long nap after more than a decade of contribution to the Singaporean music scene.

Before we take that nap, let's bring back the old times and have one hell of a party!

The two-day show will feature current and past Wake Me Up Music bands and also other bands who have been such great friends to us.

This will probably be the LAST TIME you'll see bands like Surreal, Sky in Euphoria, Vertical Rush, Marchtwelve, My Squared Circle and Pension State come together for a show like this.

So do come down and party with us for one last time.

Venue - Home Club (20 Upper Circular Road)

Date & Time - 10 December 2011 (Sat): 8.00pm-10.00pm
11 December 2011 (Sun): 4.30pm-10.00pm

Charge - $10 for 2-Day Pass (Tickets sold at door)

Day 1 (Current Bands)
A Vacant Affair
Kate of Kale
The Marilyns

Day 2 (Reunion Night)
Sky in Euphoria
My Squared Circle
Vertical Rush
Pension State