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[event] Girl Fest 2011 // 7th May 2011 @ MyEvo Hall, Pandan Indah (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

GIRL FEST 2011 featuring:

Poetry & art by:


[event] Playfreely II // 29th April 2011 @ Black Box, Goodman Arts Centre


29 April 2011

Black Box, Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Road, Singapore 439053

Albert Einstein looked upon improvisation as an emotional and intellectual necessity. (Conversations with Einstein, published 1921).

Analog Girl – electronics
Brian O’Reilly – contrabass
Bani Haykal (B-Quartet) – guitar, woodwinds
Fuzz Lee (Life Without Dreams) – guitar
Dr Samuel Wong (The Teng Company) – pipa
Jagjit Singh (Rhythms Aesthetic Society) – tabla

2nd installment of a 6 part series of spontaneous, inventive musical collaboration between musicians from diverse musical backgrounds and genres. Venturing into unfamiliar artistic terrains, Playfreely engages various groups in a collaborative exchange to improvise without any boundaries, to release the shapes that are latent in that unique moment of time... to play freely.

Presented by The Observatory
in partnership with Ujikaji Records

Entry by donation ($10 minimum).

Contact The Observatory at for more info.

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[interview] DEAD (sludge from Melbourne, Australia)

They are dead. Dead. DEAD. And they want you to know that it is spelled in capitals, because there are only four letters and you have to make them count. More alive than ever, that obvious irony is symbolic of the sense of humour this two-piece (bass + drums) shares, which they hope to translate through their music. Intense grooves are interspersed with gruff vocals, and the result is a resonating dissonance, which is at once transient yet fixed, abrupt yet gradual*. Catch them on their SE Asia tour this May – which spans 4 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines) in 2 weeks – and be blown away by the onslaught. You've been warned.

Getting introductions out of the way, who ARE you?

Jem: I play drums and manage the band. I run an independent label (WeEmptyRooms) and do what's needed to pay the bills in between. Or do you mean the band? You can just check our bio on the website!

Jace: I provide bass, vocals, drawings and nudity for DEAD.

Most people would probably label your music as "stoner rock" or "sludge". But it seems like it's more multi-faceted than that. Let's hear it from the horse's mouth.

Jem: It's not something we worry about too much. We have no musical parameters or boundaries that we work within. We just try to play to our strengths. We're a new band so we're still trying to work out what that is. But I think “sludge” is fairly appropriate. Even if we play faster stuff it still sounds slow 'cos that's how I play the drums! Neither of us have any interest in playing to a particular style. It's probably easier and more useful for people outside of the band to find categories. But they're of no use to us and of course we think we are unique, we don't want labels!

Jace: I'm not much of a fan of “stoner rock”. I dig a lot of stuff that would be considered “sludge” especially a lot of the 90's era stuff that came out on Amphetamine Reptile. As much as labels annoy me, I don't mind being lumped in with “sludge” because I see it as being more of a general aesthetic than a specific genre of music.

Your SE Asia tour starts in 2 weeks. What are your feelings regarding that, considering how it is DEAD's first tour outside of Australia? Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it is also your first tour (as a band) outside of Australia too as individuals?

Jem: I've toured Australia more times than I can count, and I've also toured Japan and New Zealand extensively. I can't wait to play in SE Asia. Personally I think touring brings out certain qualities in a band that can't be achieved any other way.

Jace: This is the first time my over-the-hill carcass has been out of the country, EVER! I don't like holidays and I've never been in a band committed enough to tour overseas so I am stoked to have the opportunity to travel in SE Asia and play shows! Jem and I like to tour and play as much as we can; I think it's essential to play with and learn from as many bands as possible.

How did the idea of the tour come about? Why SE Asia and not, say, Japan?

Jem: I've been trying to tour the area since FIRE WITCH went to Japan in 2007. But it can take a long time to get a band able to commit to tours like this. My mum is Tamil-Malay and I have family in Malaysia still. Half my spirit resides in Indian/Malay culture it would seem, and bringing that together with my main passion is very important to me. Aussie punk bands have been coming over your way for a while now – it makes sense to visit some of our closest neighbours. Also, all the members of the 7x0x7 collective have visited Australia over the last couple of years and I have been picking their brains about touring the area. So even though it's been a very impatient wait for me I'm glad the extra time has allowed us to forge stronger ties with the area. We do plan to tour Japan too and are currently booking a US tour for August 2011.

It is purported that you deliver live sets akin to THE MELVINS and HIGH ON FIRE. Justify that for us, what are we going to expect?

Jem: I've seen both those bands live in the last few months and they are AMAZING! I don't know how much we are like them but it's no secret we both are majorly influenced and inspired by the Melvins' ability to be super heavy and yet still maintain a sense of humour. I've never watched a DEAD set from the audience so I can't say. All I know is from where I sit for our gigs, it's a lot of fun. Oh and don't expect us to wear clothes at these gigs. It's too hot, lah!

Jace: I think Jem wrote that comment as a bit of tongue in cheek. We are HUGE Melvins fans though.

DEAD contains members of sick Aussie bands (in more or less the same vein) FIRE WITCH (Jem), INAPPROPRIATE TOUGH GUY BEHAVIOUR (Jem), and also the lesser-known FANGS OF... (Jem and Jace). How are these bands (notably, FANGS OF..., since you are made up of the exact same members) going to spill into what constitutes DEAD? Or will we see something completely different?

Jem: It's hard for me to say since I am in the band myself. The band feels different to me than my other bands but maybe to the listener it's very similar? We formed this band quite simply because we wanted to tour more than our other bands would allow, and not really because we had a particular musical direction we wanted to explore. So really your guess is as good as mine as to how it will end up musically. I think two-piece bands have a certain energy about them that really allows the individual characters of the two members to be more evident. In FANGS OF..., Jace handles most/all of the writing. In this band we write together more so it's a fairly even mix of his punk/pop roots and my improvisational background. Improvising is my punk rock. It's my way of rejecting conformity.

Jace: DEAD definitely gets more sparse in parts than I have really ever attempted before. Because we didn't start DEAD or FANGS OF... with any kind of definite manifesto, I imagine there will be similarities – with DEAD we compose music that I think highlights both the strengths and limitations of the two-piece format.

Your mate onion is also coming with you on the tour. How did that come about? How are they going to add to the DEAD experience outside of their solo sets?

Jem: We haven't actually decided yet! Lara (onion) has played as a guest before with FIRE WITCH and INAPPROPRIATE TOUGH GUY BEHAVIOUR and has been mixing my bands live for 5 or 6 years. So it's easy for us to work together. And we enjoy the excitement of not knowing exactly what's going to happen and sharing music with people we love and respect. We'll just see how we're feeling on the tour and what equipment is available to use and take it from there I guess.

You are known for releasing your records on beautiful packaging (with a policy against jewel casing, no less) courtesy of WeEmptyRooms. You are also known for printing your shirts on sweatshop-free shirts and/or recycled op shop** tees. Therefore we conclude that you are a rather ethically-conscious band. How are you going to navigate that consciousness in SE Asia, where the context may be different?

Jem: I don't think we're an overtly politically-conscious or -aware band. But we have ethics and like to consider ourselves as humane. I prefer to think of our band as “human” rather than “political”. So many bands put their political agendas at the forefront of their band and then back it up with conformist music. This does not inspire me one bit. We play music because we are 100% obsessed with and it is the greatest natural drug on the planet. Our reasons really are very selfish.

As far as being in SE Asia; well we are guests when we are there. We're not gonna play the role of the arrogant westerner, I see that every day here at home and that's just in the punk scene! We're more interested in listening to the locals and learning about the situation in their area than telling people what they should be thinking or eating or voting for, etc.

And we have no interest in supporting sweatshops. There are sweatshop-free companies out there but we can't afford the good t-shirts and it's often unclear as to how ethical their standards are. By using op shop tees we ensure that every DEAD shirt is unique which is pretty awesome I think. We will also swap with people if they have some blank shirts for a printed shirt or we can print the shirt they want. These are the benefits of being such a small-scale operation; side stepping capitalism is quite easily achieved.

Lastly, we have both been record nerds since we were kids and putting some effort and thought into the packaging and art for a record has been instinctive for us. These days, the physical format for music is not essential, it's a choice. People don't have to buy music, most people will happily take it without thinking twice. So if you're gonna ask people to part with money I think you have to give them something of value. We print our records ourselves which is very time-consuming and stressful at times but we like maintaining that control.

Jace: Jem and I have a lot in common ethically. When we first started working together things like using recycled paper and 2nd-hand or non-sweatshop shirts just seemed obvious – we didn't have a thousand cups of tea over it or anything, we just did it. We definitely like grassroots sharing/trading/networking etc and enjoy the challenges and rewards of operating D.I.Y. I hope I didn't sound too righteous there!

You are going to play with the likes of GHAUST (ID), LEGARDA (PH), I AM DAVID SPARKLE (SG) and BLOOD ON WEDDING DRESS (MY), powerhouses in their own right in their respective countries. How do you feel about that?

Jem: GHAUST is the only band i know properly from that list. I have a 10" record of theirs that I really like. I can't wait to see them do it live. I have deliberately not listened to the other bands' recordings because I love to hear bands for the first time live if I can. It's what excites me the most. We are just really excited to see what sort of music comes out of these areas and try and convince some of the bands to come back here and play in Australia, if they can. If bands that noteworthy want to play with us we are honoured and a little bit nervous!

Jace: I've heard GHAUST and can't wait to see them live. Any band that is considered a powerhouse has my attention already!

Before we conclude, any last words?

Jem: Well I would like to tell anyone who is coming out to see us on this tour that we are very interested in learning as much about local language and culture (especially food) as we can. And I want to trade in my Aussie accent for a Malay one! So please come and say hello and teach us. Even if we look tired just come and say hi. Also any bands who have plans to come and tour Australia should talk to us about this. So many Aussie bands have come over your way, we want to see SE Asian bands come to us instead! Our album will not be ready in time for the tour, sorry, but it will be released on cassette by Ricecooker very soon after the tour. And it also will be on LP/digital in July through my label and Wantage USA. If any other labels in the area are keen to release any of our stuff please let us know.

Apart from that? I can't wait to come and play!


*"Most people don't get DEAD. But then most people are idiots." - DEAD
**op shop: Short for “opportunity shop”, this term is exclusive to Australia. They are the equivalent of our “thrift stores”, “2nd-hand shops”, or “bundle shops”.

For more info, please check out DEAD's website on

They will also be touring with onion –

The tour is brought to you by 7x0x7, with the help of The Ricecooker Shop, GHAUST, and DIY Pinoy HC/Punk.

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[event] This Dystopic Dissonance // 8th May 2011 @ Chapter Six Studios

Aussie sludgers DEAD and solo experimental artist onion hit Singapore this May 8th! Expect intensity coupled with heavy grooves interspersed with gruff vocals, juxtaposed against haunting sound art. There might even be an amalgamation of the two. Turn on, tune in, drop out.

Supporting these folks are:

ZAI TANG (experimental/noise)
ILA MITRA (politically-correct post-punk posse)
UNVISUAL (heavy hardcore noise)
I AM DAVID SPARKLE (intense soundscape magic)

Brought to you by 7x0x7.

[event] The Sound Gig #3: Acoustic Imaginature // 7th May 2011 @ Night&Day bar + gallery + friends

Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak (R.I.T.E.S) presents
The Sound Gig #3: Acoustic Imaginature

Performances by:

Mike Cooper (IT/UK)
Under the Velvet Sky (SG)
Duke Wen (SG)
Singlish Punk (SG)

7:30pm, Saturday, 7th May 2011
Entry: $15 + 1 drink

Venue: Night and Day Bar
139 A/C Selegie Road
Singapore 188309


Artists' Biography:

Mike Cooper has traced a path completely his own as an international musical explorer, performing and recording, solo and in a number of inspired groupings and a variety of genres for the past 40 years. With his roots lying in acoustic country blues he has, arguably, stretched the possibilities of the guitar even more than his better known contemporaries, Davy Graham, Bert Jansch, John Renbourne etc. by pursuing it into the more avant-garde musical areas also occupied by contemporary guitar innovators such as Elliott Sharp, Keith Rowe, Fred Frith and Marc Ribot, with an eclectic mix of the many styles Cooper has practiced over the years. Ranging freely through traditional country blues, folk, original songs, free improvisation, pop songs, exotica, electronic music, electro-acoustic music, and ‘sonic gestural’ playing utilising open tunings and extended techniques. He is also a soundscape artist and film and video maker and performs live music for silent classic and contemporary films. His favored instruments - a vintage 1930’s National tri-cone resophonic guitar played acoustically and/or ‘treated’ through a series of digital sampling and looping devices and his voice.

Under the Velvet Sky (UTVS) is a collective of multi-instrumentalists sharing a common passion for musical improvisation aspired by a diverse influence of music from Mozart to the avant-garde. Sharing a common belief in expressive divinity, UTVS experiments music in altering spontaneity.

Under The Velvet Sky started out as a 3-piece jam band with Jordan, Reef & Din Morello in 1998. The band worked on a few things together; including an Electronic music project which carelessly went missing upon its completion sometimes in 2000. Having to go through their separate ways in life’s direction at some point, they disbanded. Some years later, fate brought them back to making music together where they were occasionally joined by close friends and musicians sharing thoughts and ideas in music. Though the band was actively playing music on their own at home, in studios, at haunted hospitals & houses, it took them quite a while before they came out with a demo CD (and this time making sure it doesn’t get lost!). In late 2008, they released a concept demo album, The Black Sea Sorcery (2008)

After the release of their debut demo album, UTVS have been actively performing live in Singapore. For their first live performance, they were chosen to close the Singapore Arts Festival 2009 open mic session at City Hall. UTVS gets regular invitation to perform at underground and alternative venues. They were invited by overseas artists as an opening act for their performances in Singapore. In 2010, UTVS performed in 2 music and arts festivals in Indonesia.

Early this year, UTVS has been selected to be an artist residency in Pulau Ubin, a project run by The Artist Village. UTVS proposed to release a music documentary about the residency with a soundtrack supporting the film. UTVS plans to collaborate with other musicians and artists in this project. To name a few of the artists that are invited for this collaboration are Lee Wen, Zai Kuning, Kai Lam, Jeremy Hiah, Zai Tang, B-Quartet (band), Observatory (band), I am David Sparkle (band), Mike Cooper, Mark Wong and other artists under the Pulau Ubin residency project.

Duke Wen (A.K.A Lee Wen) makes a full circle with a return to his earliest forays of poetry and singing. Besides the other influences it was through poetry reading and jamming at The Artists Village that started him on the road to performance art and other experimental practices. Duke Wen’s lyrics are gutsy and poignant, sometimes personal and other times more socially relating to current cultural climate both local and global. Songs like “Art is ...Dead” deliver a punchy tune with simple lyrics warning us of the impending death trivializing our humanity by placing emphasis on market values and mindless consumer tastes for shameless repetition of tested formulas rather than research, innovations and explorations of new ideas or debate on social values.

Singlish Punk is a pseudonym started in 2005 by Kai Lam to conjugate his sound projects and experimental music with his performance art practice. Singlish Punk’s cross-disciplinary performances through electro-acoustic sets are made up of field recordings, an array of altered instruments and musical instruments, coupled with obsolete and hacked machines that are sampled and looped, manifesting into live improvised soundscapes. His deliberate alteration of the media technology is a means to re-examine consumerism and a challenge to the disposable nature of current media technology, re-utilising its limited shelf-life and intangibility as an alternative perspective towards our digital media-fixated society.

[event] Living Without Money, a documentary screening // 30th April 2011 @ Sinema Old School

The Zeitgeist Movement Singapore presents:
Living Without Money (documentary)
Sinema @ Old School
11B Mount Sophia Old School #B1-12
Entry with trade (details below)

The documentary Living Without Money portraits the life of 68 year old Heidemarie Schwermer, a German woman who made a deliberate choice to stop using money 14 years ago. She cancelled her apartment, gave away all of her belongings and kept nothing but a suitcase full of clothes. This was a decision that changed the entire outlook on her life dramatically.

Today, after 14 years, she is still living almost without money and claims... she is feeling more free and independent than ever. The film follows Heidemarie in her day to day life and shows the challenges she meets by living an alternative lifestyle.

The film reflects around themes of materialism and over-consumption – how money influences our way of thinking, living and acting – and the consequences this has on our life, health and the environment.

In true spirit of this film, Sinema Old School will not be charging for tickets. Instead, we welcome all of you to bring something of value to Sinema and exchange that with a movie ticket. It can be anything from a set of markers, to paper, or blank CDs, etc. We accept all sorts of office stationery, and even food like biscuits or instant noodles.

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[tour] RAIVORAITTIUS SE Asia Tour (May/June 2011)

The 12th of May marks the start of tour for vegan sXe old-school hardcore band RAIVORAITTIUS from Finland. They have yet to establish a website or any proper recordings (total fucking new band!) but they feature a member of grindcore band BUFO. They describe themselves as "Black Flag playing too fast and mixed with old Finnish raw hardcore like RATTUS, KAAOS, and TERVEET KADET". They will be covering a month's worth of tour in most of SE Asia: Indonesia (mainly), Thailand (just Bangkok), Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. For those anticipating some xposix political hardcore, don't miss out! We sure don't see a lot of that nowadays. In the meantime, check out some of their stuff here.

Details for the Singapore show will be out real soon!

Brought to you by 7x0x7.

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[event] Playfreely I // 15th April 2011 @ Black Box, Goodman Arts Centre


15 April 2011

Black Box, Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Road, Singapore 439053

Albert Einstein looked upon improvisation as an emotional and intellectual necessity. (Conversations with Einstein, published 1921)

Darren Moore – drums
Andy Yang – the stick
Reggie Perera – didgeridoo
Misha’al (The Psalms) – bass
Isyraf (The Psalms) – drums
Khairil (The Psalms) – guitar
Az (Stellarium) – guitar
Phid (Stellarium) – guitar
Brennan de Souza (Ara Ophidia) – guitar
Ustad Sharafat Khan – sitar

Special guests:
MoHa! (Norway)
Horacio Pollard (UK)

A 6 part series of spontaneous, inventive musical collaboration between musicians from diverse musical backgrounds and genres. Venturing into unfamiliar artistic terrains, Playfreely engages various groups in a collaborative exchange to improvise without any boundaries, to release the shapes that are latent in that unique moment of time... to play freely.

Presented by The Observatory,
in partnership with Ujikaji Records

Contact The Observatory at for more info.

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[event] Singapura Biarlain 2011 Rumah Terbuka a.k.a Singapore Let it be an Alternative 2011: Open House // 19th Mar 2011 to 16th April 2011 @ Straits Records

We'd almost missed posting this one. One more week to check out the show before it closes, folks!

Agitatsiya / Siti Zuraida / OneTwoDelta / Fidz / Siti Salihah Omar / Zaki Razak

Mondays to Fridays 5pm-10pm
Saturdays & Sundays 3pm-10pm

Straits Records (Straits) presents Singapura Biarlain 2011; Rumah
Terbuka (Singapore Let it be an Alternative 2011; Open House), its fifth launch since it was inaugurated in 2005 at 43 Haji Lane, a small quiet street on the outskirts of Kampong Glam city area. The aforementioned launch neither signify an ascension of profit nor to boast its new series of products, but to stamp a statement of Straits’ 16th year entrepreneurial spirit: by championing local artistes and independent labels, its seemingly ‘stubborn-feat’ for maintaining its existence within the premise of Kampong Glam and the advent of a fundraising initiative to upgrade its space to facilitate more community-driven activities; gearing toward an inclusive and encompassing social space. Singapura Biarlain 2011; Rumah Terbuka, is not to be perceived in alignment to the state’s supported Singapore Biennale scheduled from 13th March to 15th May 2011, but to be recognized as an alternate representation (a would-be-comparative event between the ‘spectacle and sensational’ and the ‘modest and closer-at-heart’) of a similar theme with a much streamlined intent: inviting guests with an open heart and open arms to Straits’ yet to be upgraded ‘open’ space with artistic installations, interventions and activities.

An event-based exhibition taking place from 19 March to 16 April 2011, Singapura Biarlain 2011; Rumah Terbuka features six contemporary Malays of various diverse interest, supporters of Straits, with a common aim: which is to develop the space into a facility that advocates knowledge and ‘encompassing art’. The exhibition aims to expand Straits’ entrepreneurial spirit and social sphere, to articulate Straits’ existence within the premise of Kampong Glam and to generate funds for Straits’ forthcoming artistic and educational initiatives.

Other features in the exhibition include:

• Installation of Straits Records’ historical archives organized by Agitatsiya

• New Paintings and T-shirt design by Shahril OneTwoDelta

• Prints based on the structural analysis of Jawi writings as well as workshop by Siti Salihah Omar

• Ballots, Bullets or Ballets, a mobile-election-installation and Heavyweights, T-shirt art with auction; by Zaki Razak

• Poetry Writings by Fidz

• Actions by Siti Zuraida

All the above objects are for sale excluding Straits Records’ historical archives.


Brief Bios:

Agitatsiya is a non-music branch of Straits Records, exists to "experiment" other art forms¬. Agitatsiya’s attitude towards its works and ideas are provoking yet sincere.

Siti Zuraida is a theatre practitioner who regularly performs for various theatre productions.

OneTwoDelta is a graphic designer and a street artist. He is also a member of street art collective, ARTVSTS.

Fidz, a graduate from National University of Singapore is a freelance writer.

Currently an Art Educator, Siti Salihah Omar graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education from National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Zaki Razak who recently completed his Masters in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts is interested in the human consciousness and the hermeneutics of art. He is also a member of street art collective, ARTVSTS.


About Straits Records:
Straits Records is a local record label dedicated to develop and promote original local and regional music. We believe in integrating music with various art forms, cultures and social issues/politics as a channel and vehicle, for both entertainment and creativity as well as education. Straits Records believe that music play an integral part of Singapore's cultural and artistic progress.

In existence since 1995, as Straits Distribution, serving the hardcore punk community by bringing in hard to get hardcore punk music from all over the world. In 1997, we change our name to Straits Records, and commit to release local English music. Our first release as a record label was The Jabs “Time of Negligence” CD EP. To help promote local and regional music to the masses, we have also actively organize music events at venues such The Arts House, The Substation, Esplanade and many more. Bands under our label have also tour regionally to promote Singapore music overseas.

Straits Records does not restrict to just promoting music, as we had collaborated with artists of different art forms, as to give a more visible experience to music. Ultimately, it is about individual equality, freedom of creativity and artistic excellence.


Singapura Biarlain 2011; Rumah Terbuka is a fundraising initiative by Straits Records and its Supporters to open up an ‘open-call’ calling for participants and potential collaborators for its open space. This initiative is self-funded by Straits Records and interdependent between its Supporters.

Singapura Biarlain 2011; Rumah Terbuka opens on 19 March, Saturday at 7.30pm till late.

[tour] DEAD + ONION SE Asia Tour (May 2011)

Start of May sees stoner sludge duo DEAD (AU). The 2 of them also happen to be members of other sludgey extraordinaires FIRE WITCH, INAPPROPRIATE TOUGH GUY BEHAVIOUR, and FANGS OF...! They also proclaim to play live shows as awesome as THE MELVINS and HIGH ON FIRE! Covering Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines in the span of 2 weeks, most of us will be in for a treat! Solo experimental musician ONION (formerly known as LARAL, and who also happens to be a mate of theirs) will be joining them on this tour.

Full details for Singapore show (8th May) to be unveiled soon!

Brought to you by 7x0x7.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

[event] Underlying Frequency // 23rd April 2011 @ Chapter 6 Studios

A send-off show before neo-crust posse PAZAHORA go on their 1-week "Transcendence" Japan tour.

We know "epic" is a word that is too loosely thrown around nowadays, but we can't help applying that word to the line-up for this one.

Not to be missed.

Friday, April 8, 2011

[event] Can Cannot Also Can // 15th April 2011 @ The Substation

Lee Wen makes a full circle with a return to his earliest forays of poetry and singing. Besides the other influences it was through poetry reading and jamming at The Artists Village that started him on the road to performance art and other experimental practices.

Lee Wen’s lyrics are gutsy and poignant, sometimes personal and other times more socially relating to current cultural climate both local and global. Songs like "Art is ...Dead" deliver a punchy tune with simple lyrics warning us of the impending death trivializing our humanity by placing emphasis on market values and mindless consumer tastes for shameless repetition of tested formulas rather than research, innovations and explorations of new ideas or debate on social values.

Zai Kuning - guitars
Reef - bass
Hafiz Bastard - drums



Performance by Lee Wen (solo) - 7:30pm

Acoustic by Wen (solo) - 8.00pm

Interval - 8:20pm to 8:30pm

Electric Set
with Zai, Reef and Hafiz - 8:30pm to 10:00pm

Admission : S$10 only (You are allowed to sneak in free by order of the Anyhow Blues Project; after all this is not a Bob Dylan gig!)

CAN CANNOT ALSO CAN poster designed by Lin Shiyun, painting by Elena Erikkson. "Anyhow Blues Project" premiered at 9th International Performance Art, Turbine, Giswil Switzerland, Sept 11th 2010.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

[event] The Great Lion City Takeover // 16th April 2011 @ The Lithe Paralogue Studio

THE ROCKSTAR COLLECTIVE PRESENTS "The Great Lion City Takeover - 2011 series"

16th April 2011, 4pm. 6 bucks. The Lithe Paralogue Studio Blue Block.

Featuring friends:

This will also be the last show over at the studio as they will be moving out come April to a new location in the east.

Poster design done by KILAS.

How to get there?

By MRT: Bukit Batok MRT Station(NS2)

By Bus: From MRT take 852 (alight after the 5th/6th stop, you will see a colourful BIG signage infront of you called SPECTRA, alight after the bus turn right)

Bus services:
67 (Choa Chu Kang Interchange - Tampines Interchange)
75 (Bukit Panjang Interchange - Marina Centre Terminal)
170 (Queen Street Terminal - Larkin Terminal)
171 (Yishun Interchange - Marina Centre Terminal)
173 (Bukit Batok Interchange (Loop)
184 (Bukit Panjang Interchange (Loop)
852 (Yishun Interchange - Bukit Batok Interchange)
961 (Woodlands Regional Interchange - Lorong 1 Geylang Terminal)
961C (Sun & P.H.)

By Car:
1. via Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)
- exit Dairy Farm Road
- turn left into Upper Bukit Timah
- enter Firestation to the left before T-Junction

2. via Pan Island Expressway (PIE)
- exit Upper Bukit Timah Road
- drive towards Woodlands
- U-turn after Old Ford Factory
- enter Firestation to the left before T-Junction

[sale] Hardcore-Punk Tapes & CDs for sale!

Tapes (Entire list for $50)

1. Cripple Bastards - Punk's Not Music
2. Han Yew Kwang
3. My Disco
4. Hero Dishonest
5. War Of The Worlds comp.
6. Hasrat
7. Stompin' Ground
8. GISM / The Comes split
9. Banzai 606
10. Japan HC comp.
11. Opposition Party - Reborn
12. Dimensi Kematian comp.
13. One Man Nation
14. Stand Against
15. Mahlok Persosak
16. Violent Headache / Psychoneurosis split
17. Parkinson / Aghast split
18. Obituary
19. Shikari
20. Rememories
21. Bolt Thrower
22. Container Crusties From Hell
23. Strayvoice
24. Monolith
25. Anthrax
26. White Snake
27. Exodus
28. POOR comp.
29. Lucidity comp.
30. Animal Peace comp.
31. Monolith / Dead System split
32. Any Noises For You? comp.
33. Tussock
34. Opstand
35. Cohol / Gauge Means Nothing / Tiala split
36. Hermit / Rottfish split
37. Suffocation
38. Sickness
39. Indirect Rules
40. Cluster Bomb Unit / Demisor split
41. Bloodsuckers
42. Brutality Sickness
43. Daighila - Noisy Sins
44. Phoenix Bodies - The First 2 Years
45. Rambo - Escape From Imperialism

CDs at $5 each (Entire list for $80)

1. Autopsy - Shitfun (Old School Death Metal)
2. Benediction - Grind Bastard (Old School Grind Death Metal)
3. Bread & Circuits - S/T (Hardcore punk with members of Yaphet Kotto)
4. Captain Cleanoff - S/T (Aussie Grindcore Blast!)
5. Cease Upon The Capitol - S/T (Modern screamo hardcore)
6. Fear Factory - Demanufacture (Industrial Metal)
7. Impetigo - Buro Omega (Old School Goregrind)
8. Jiyuna - The Devil Is Waiting In The Palace (Screamo Hardcore with some of the best album packaging ever)
9. Six Feet Under - Bringer Of Blood (Old school death metal with first vocalist of Cannibal Corpse)
10. Skrupel - S/T (German Grindcore)
11. Total F-ing Destruction - Zen (Grindcore with members of Brutal Truth)
12. Zao - S/T (Metallic Hardcore)
13. Zao - Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest (Metallic Hardcore)


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