LIONCITYDIY started off as a website to document the Singapore DIY hardcore-punk scene. It later on became a messageboard. It has now evolved into a blog-style site which still intends to serve the same purpose.

Why do you keep changing your platforms? I'm confused!
The reasons why it has come to this: lack of funds and contributors. Lack of funds to maintain the dot com which was the plan originally (with the other reason compounding the fact). Later on, the site transformed to become a messageboard, but that saw diminished activity as well. It was then decided that an overhaul was in order to keep the portal going.

Why do you want to keep this going?
LIONCITYDIY started out as a decentralized collective consisting of a number of people. That number of people have since dwindled into a small handful which are still interested to keep the portal (and perhaps resultingly, the "community" -- whatever that is) going. Currently, there is little documentation, analysis, discussion and critique surrounding the Singapore DIY hardcore-punk scene that we feel it is crucial to keep this site alive.

Ok, so you said that LIONCITYDIY was a "decentralized collective." Does that mean it's no longer one? Is it run by the DIY-punk overlords now? I thought there was no hierarchy in punk? WTF? I don't want you to dominate my reality.
There is no hierarchy in punk. However, initiatives sometimes require a nudge and prod in the right direction by one person or a handful of people. Empowerment is a long and slow process, and we hope that in striving on we reach that someday (yeah, we're utopian like that). This is where you come in. You are still welcome to contribute your articles, photos, artwork, reviews, etc if you would like to be a part of this in any way. You own your reality.

Where do I contribute then?
Please direct all correspondence, contributions, and queries to lioncitydiy AT gmail DOT com. You know the drill: racist, sexist, homophobic, and otherwise questionable material will not be entertained.

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