Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[event] SlutWalk Singapore 2011 // 4th Dec 2011 @ Hong Lim Park

On 4th December 2011, Singapore will be having our very own SlutWalk. As you may have heard, SlutWalk started in Toronto in Feb 2011 as a response to a policeman's statement at a safety forum that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order to not be victimized." This sparked a backlash which resulted in SlutWalk groups forming all over the world to protest a culture that blames victims for rape, and to challenge the attitudes that come with that, attitudes which usually leave sexual crimes under-reported as a result.

This is not just a women’s issue or a men’s issue; it is everyone’s issue — regardless of gender identification, class, religion, race, or any other identity markers.

One does not need to identify as ‘slut’ to be a part of SlutWalk. SlutWalkSG is asking you to join them to make a unified statement about sexual assault and victims’ rights and to demand respect for all. You do not have to wear your sexuality on your sleeve; you do not have to "vamp it up" either. SlutWalk Singapore is asking you to COME AS YOU ARE — whether in t-shirt and jeans, in fishnets, in a sari, in a jacket, or in a tudung. No matter how you visually identify, they are welcoming ALL those who feel that prevailing attitudes as to why sexual assault happens need to change. Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are.

This will be a carnival-style event with speeches, performances, and booths, so anyone can attend.


Music: Johnny Eye Glass // Seyra // Jen Lin (DJ)

Performances: Muay Thai Demonstration by Vanessa Lee // Fire Dancers

Speeches: SlutWalk Organizers + more to be announced!

Booths: SlutWalk Merchandise booth // SlutWalk Logbook booth // Sexual Assault literature "library" // Drinkdings drinks booth // BackatMONKS // Eros Coaching // Maid By Me // Hello Stranger // Sayoni // Women's Muay Thai SG // AWARE Sexual Assault Befrienders Service (SABS) // Oogachaga

SlutWalk Singapore is proudly sponsored by these groups and organizations: Sayoni, The Patatas, Eros Coaching, Sheeps, Drinkdings, & BackatMONKS.

[event] Dub Skank'in Hifi Soundsystem Presents Bass Rebels // 17th Dec 2011 @ Bar Bar Black Sheep

The Dub Skank'in Hifi Soundsystem folks are back with a musical vengeance, this time at a brand new spot: Bar Bar Black Sheep at Boat Quay!

Get away from the hustle and bustle, and surge forward with some serious bass by the river.

From heavyweight dub to blistering ska, from roots reggae to old school jungle, come soak in the bass and enjoy the sweet sounds and boisterous beats of the black, gold, red and green served to you by their selectahs.

If you missed Zul Subvert's mad all-vinyl set previously, than be sure to catch this one for some awesome old school D&B and Jungle.

And VJ Panda will be joining the party again with more electrifying visuals.

So come on down to Boat Quay on 17th Dec and join Dub Skank'in Hifi Soundsystem's brand new night; BASS REBELS.


Rumshot aka Firman
Firman has been in the music industry since his teenage years. Having been a percussionist and drummer for various acts, he is well rooted in the scene and has accumulated tons of experience. Rumshot, his stage moniker and alter-ego, rocks the floor with his all-time favourite selections for skanking. There is no time for breaks, Rumshot will keep you comfortably moving in your dancing shoes.

Ras Irie aka Wan
Wan is the founder of Straits Records - the sole record store in Singapore that offers a wide variety of alternative and hard-to-find collection of music and vinyl. He has been in the music scene for most of his life; an avid and recognized collector and distributor of music.

Sham Em aka Sham
Sham has been a music fanatic since his crazy, hazy teenagehood, with a no-holdsbarred attitude towards music, all in the name of (listening) pleasure. A percussionist, sound/music designer and ethnic music instrumentalist, Sham graces the decks with his borderless selections of Dub, Dubtronica, Dancehall and Reggae for our nights.

Guest DJ – Zul Subvert HQ
Subvert HQ (Singapore) have been holding parties since 1998 featuring the likes of Friction, Stamina MC, John B, A-Sides, Pendulum, Cyantific, Sonic, London Elektricity as well as recently Logistics and Hospital Records' Chris Goss. We've played everywhere from Hong Kong, London to most of Asia.
Zul had also graced the decks on Dub Skank'in Hifi's Birthday Bash. He's well informed with his music selection and had rocked the dance floor till the wee hours of the night. More music and info at:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[tour] Sete Star Sept (JP) SE Asia Tour (Dec 2011)

Noise grind freaks take warning, because December will see manic 2-piece bass and drum grinders Sete Star Sept from Tokyo, Japan hitting up our region for a whirlwind 7-day tour. This is actually their 2nd tour of S.E. Asia, as they played a few shows way back in 2005 (if we are not wrong), though only in Malaysia and not anywhere else.

Links to their Facebook and MySpace pages can be found on their main website,, and they have plenty of live videos on Youtube as well, so anyone who is curious to know more about the band, please feel free to check out whatever is available online.

If they are playing your city, you do not want to miss out on the show. For all the kids who heart blast beats, get ready!

Brought to you by the peeps from 7x0x7.

Monday, November 28, 2011

[event] Thursday Night Thrash! // 15th Dec 2011 @ The Substation Gallery

HÅRDA TIDER (youthcrew mosh hardcore from Malmo, Sweden)
MILISI KECOA (80's inspired hardcore punk from Bandung, Indonesia)

ENAM JAHANAM (destructive hardcore punks)
BLOODY REJECTS (hardcore, no doubt about it)
TSA ( 80's style pinoy hardcore)
ABRASION (grinding fucking violence)

Brought to you by Blackhole212 / Prohibited Projects / Epidemic Records

You can download Milisi Kecoa "Kalian Memang Menyedihkan" 2010 full-length here:

The upcoming HÅRDA TIDER/MILISI KECOA split CD will be released by Epidemic Records.

[event] OutPost 2: Singapore Really Really Free Market

Post-Museum presents:
OutPost 2: Singapore Really Really Free Market 19
The first-ever outdoor session since it started in Jan 2009.

Join them for this session of the temporary market based on the concept of giving and building a community based on sharing resources, caring for one another and improving the collective lives of all.

Everything is free! Come share your stuff (books, cds, toys, food, etc) or skills (tarot card reading, hair cutting, poetry writing, singing, etc) by giving them to others who need them!

By sharing, we are reducing consumption and waste of our natural resources, re-using what we don't need anymore by passing it on, and most importantly, showing everyone that there are more sustainable and loving ways to live.

This session is part of the Singapore Unity Project Commemorates International Human Rights Day which features a number of 'booths' from various local NGOs.

Everyone is welcome to come by to just experience the joys of giving and making friends! 

[event] UpToTheSkyFestival // 3rd Dec 2011 @ Old School


Deerhoof (USA)
Mogwai DJ Set (UK)
White Shoes & The Couples Company (ID)
Chad Valley (UK)
The Trees and the Wild (ID)
Zebra & Snake (FI)
Tenderfist (MY)
The Great Spy Experiment (SG)
Orange Grass (TW)
Bani Haykal (SG)
They Will Kill Us All (MY)
Little Fox (TH)
The Dorques (PH)
9 Maps (HK)
The Cambodian Space Project (KH)

Video screening program featuring:
Vincent Moon from La Blogotheque (FR)
Dimas Wisnuwardono (ID)
Ho Tzu Nyen (SG)
VJ Artist Brandon Tay
and many more!

Rock! Paper! Poster! Art Exhibition
in collaboration with KittyWu Records

Official After Party: Mixtape + Confessions at Kinki Bar (invite-only)
From 11pm to 3am

Early-Bird Tickets to UpToTheSky out now on Gatecrash!
Adult: $89
Students: $50

get your tickets now! ->

Proudly organized by Figure8 Agency.


It all started with Deerhoof. Comprising band members from the USA and Japan, Deerhoof is known to be one of the most creative and interesting bands in this decade. Sure, Deerhoof has never performed in South-East Asia, but it’s a band that is close to the heart of any alternative music lover.

Figure8 pondered over how they could bring this band to the people in Singapore. Then, a crazy idea emerged! They thought about all the amazing bands in the region and how awesome it would be to bring these bands together and play with a band like Deerhoof.

One thing led to another… and UpToTheSky Festival was born! The Festival would have a fantastic line-up of bands! Yes, you may think that this is an insane idea… but they are proud of it!

If you love chilling out with friends over great music in an intimate atmosphere, come join them on 3 December at Old School, Mount Sophia. Immerse yourself in a full day of indie music and come discover twelve of the hottest bands in South-East Asia such as The Trees & The Wild (ID), White Shoes & The Couples Company (ID), Tenderfist (MY), The Great Spy Experiment (SG), The Cambodian Space Project (KH) and much more. Our international guests include Deerhoof (USA) and Zebra & Snake (FI).

The Festival will also feature a flea market and you'll get to see a fantastic selection of independent music videos including the work of Vincent Moon, the guy behind The Take Away Shows / La Blogothèque; Dimas Wisnuwardono, one of Indonesia’s most promising filmmakers; and Ho Tzu Nyen, one of Singapore's best contemporary artists, who was featured this year at the Venice Biennale.

Check out the official line-up and schedule on!

[event] Official SlutWalk Party 2011 // 1st Dec 2011 @ Home Club

backatMONKS B@M!, in collaboration with SlutWalkSG wants to bring everyone back to the good o’ naughty times. A time when having fun, getting a'lil tipsy (COMPLETELY SMASHED!) and looking smoldering hot didn't automatically = an invitation to be raped.

On the 1st of Dec 2011 at Home Club, B@M! will return with its doors open to everyone irregardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, to host SlutWalk's Official Party! LGBT, QABC, DEFG are all welcomed!
Come down and exercise your right to party and dress however you like without fear, support the cause and have some misconceptions debunked. Not to be missed! It's a guaranteed 100% consensual great time!

Now in its 5th event this year, BAM has seen over 1000 girls, 5000 shots and a few more broken hearts AND they are determined to keep delivering LEGENNN...

(Wait for it)
..DARY parties.

1st Dec 2011
Doors open at 7pm ( 1 FOR 1 TILL 10PM! ) till late
Tickets: $15 (pre-sale) / $20 at door – inclusive of a bottle of Hooch/Asahi
Location : Home Club, 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-01/06

Ticket Purchase, table reservations, more information:
or visit their website

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[shoutout] Shock&Awe! #4 out now!

Hot off the press this week comes the eagerly-anticipated fourth issue of Malaysian DIY-punk zine Shock&Awe! Need there be any introductions? If you've yet to know of this gem, we'd suggest that you grab it real quick before it gets snapped up (nah... we don't think they're that exclusive). But grab it real quick anyway. Because you seriously don't want to miss out.

They're having 3 launch parties in various cities in Malaysia towards the tail-end of Nov and in Dec to celebrate the birth of this new issue. If you're gonna be in the area, it is highly recommended that you go check out the shows, because we'd easily describe the line-ups as it is: gile babi*! 

They also wholesale at reasonable prices should you want to stock the zines in your distro/shop, with zines already currently distributed in a good number of places, from Singapore to France to Australia to Canada. Of course this is all on top of being pretty much ubiquitous in their home country of Malaysia (all over the bloody place!). For more details on where exactly they are distributed and where exactly you can lay your grubby hands on the zines, see here:

Anything else? They can be contacted at We're sure there's that fanmail/hatemail column they're dying to fill.

*literally translated as crazy pig; also understood as out of this world.

[tour] Milisi Kecoa (ID) and Hårda Tider (SE) SE Asia Tour (Dec 2011)

Known for their energetic sets and heartfelt singalongs, the widely-loved MILISI KECOA from Indonesia are finally venturing outside of their home country to do a tour of Singapore and Malaysia, and then coming back full circle to Java to do an island-wide tour. And if this didn't sound good enough, their mates HÅRDA TIDER from Sweden are coming along with them!

Already, we know heaps of Swedish hardcore-punk fans are beyond stoked, as this is the first time any band from that region has stepped over to our shores. Imagine some tough-as-nails hardcore with mosh parts, except, y'know, played by punx coupled with a distinct Swedish Käng influence.

Singapore show (handled by Blackhole212/Pathetic Ape) details round the corner so keep your eyes peeled!   

This could potentially be one of the best closing tours of the year yet.

[event] Tribal Gathering of The Tongue Tasters: To Whom It May Concern // 3rd Dec 2011 @ The Substation Theatre

Tribal Gathering of The Tongue Tasters: To Whom It May Concern
By Enam Jahanam
Saturday 3rd December 2011, 8pm
The Substation Theatre
Admission: $15 and $10 (concession) available from The Substation box office
Contact Mish'aal at 6337 7800 or email

ENAM JAHANAM, or The Six Destructives (translated from Malay), is a DIY-hardcore band influenced by punk and skinhead culture, and the Oi! sub-genre. The band’s musical and ideological cues range from 1980s punk to music being made from current hardcore and Oi bands the world over.

ENAM JAHANAM emotes with screams and yells over a wall of angry yet melodious noise.

ENAM JAHANAM consists of members who have been involved in hardcore/punk/Oi from the mid 90s, and who play in CIRCLE OF FRIENDS (hardcore), LEAD (II) NITRATE (emo hardcore punk), BLINDED HUMANITY (crust), TOPSY TURVY (crust grind), EXKORIATOR (metal-punk) and many other bands, and who have also been involved with bedroom distribution labels like Azadghei Records, Sxetan Collective and Prohibited Projects.

[event] Frottage: Casual Encounters at The Pigeonhole iv. // 1st Dec 2011 @ The Pigeonhole

Unrelenting hardcore-punk party starters 7x0x7 are back after a month's mini-hiatus! This time a solo endeavour, they bring you the return of the cult series of intimate musical presentations Frottage, at book cafe and dynamic arts space The Pigeonhole.

This fourth installment features more heartfelt sincerity, headlined by Australian alt-folk musician WELLS, and supported by local indie singer-songwriter NICK CHIM and voodoo psychedelic prog trip-hop outfit THE PSALMS

Beware: there may be an overload of beards.

1st Dec 2011 (Thurs)
The Pigeonhole, 52/53 Duxton Road
Doors open at 7.30pm, performances begin at 8pm.
$10 at the door

[event] SlutTalk Singapore // 3rd Dec 2011 @ The Substation Classroom Level 2

On the 3rd and 4th of December 2011, Singapore will be holding its very own SlutWalk as a statement against sexual assault, victim-blaming, and slut-shaming. In a bid to contextualize SlutWalk Singapore, the official programme kicks off with a full first day of workshops, talks and discussions, touching on issues surrounding sexual assault, victim-blaming/slut-shaming, sexuality and consent.

3rd Dec 2011 The Substation, Classroom 2 @ Level 2

(Note: You can choose to attend one of these talks/workshops, or a combination of them. You do not need to attend all if you are unable to.)

*There will be a break of 20mins between each component.


Exploring Sex, Sexuality, and Intimacy by sexologist Dr. Martha Lee (talk)

Sex, sexuality and intimacy are distinct terms which are often used interchangeably. This session aims to explore the difference before discussing what owning your sexuality means and the ways one can better understand/enhance their own sexuality.


SPARKS*: Action for AIDS's response to combating HIV/AIDS by Avin Tan (talk)

Knowledge coupled with action can make a difference and the SPARKS* programme is designed to arm you with basic HIV/AIDS knowledge and how you can play your part to stop HIV/AIDS. You will also learn why there is stigma & discrimination surrounding HIV/AIDS, and have some myths debunked.


Promoting Consent, Preventing Coercion: What Men & Women Can Do to Prevent Sexual Assault by gender equality advocacy NGO AWARE (talk)

Explores the law on sexual assault in Singapore, myths of sexual assault, and outlines steps men and women can take to prevent or intervene in sexual assault in Singapore.


Challenging Complicities coordinated by Singapore Queer-Straight Alliance (roundtable discussion)

Keynote speakers: Wong Pei Chi, Dr Ingrid Hoofd, and Alex Serrenti.

An intellectual roundtable discussion on the freedom to gender identity and its alleged complicities in crime and victim-blaming, it also aims to elevate discussion on feminist and gender identity advocacy in Singapore, with two main topics for discussion:

i) Drawing the lines between crime, victim-blaming, risk management and “complicity” in crime: how may we, as advocates, best articulate ourselves to effect change in mindsets here?

ii) SlutWalk — actual empowerment, reclamation or a continual espousal of male-centric ideas of femininity?


SlutWalkSG: Local Relevance, Global Challenges facilitated by Dr. Joel Gwynne (lecture + discussion)

Explores questions such as: How is SlutWalkSG different compared to SlutWalk as a global movement? Why are Singaporeans becoming involved with SlutWalk? Do women in Singapore experience sexuality differently to women in the West? How do ideas about multiculturalism and multiracialism affect attitudes to women's sexuality? In an apparently "post-feminist" world, what challenges do we face when attempting to make sexual assault and sexual labeling a relevant and crucial social issue?

(This discussion will be preceded by a 20 min mini-lecture)

**Limited to 20 participants only. If interested to attend, please email Dr. Gwynne at


Policing Desire and the Whore Stigma by sex workers’ outreach initiative Project X (workshop)

Anyone can be labeled as a whore/slut if she steps out of The Line. And if you’re labeled a whore/slut, you’re less than human and warrant being treated less than human. As such, some key questions we aim to unpack include: Who constructs these forms of control? How do these forms of control manifest and what are its implications? How do we take back control over our minds and bodies?


[tour] Wells (AU) SE Asia Tour (Dec 2011)

With an EP with songs about loves lost, WELLS a.k.a. Matt Spinelli will be travelling through Southeast Asia to find himself, forget about others and meet new life-long friends. Look for a man with a beard holding a crappy acoustic guitar on the back of a Vespa flying down the coast of Vietnam (and southwards) and ask him for a tune or 2, and he will be more than happy to oblige.

Details for Singapore show to be unveiled in the next few posts!

Brought to you by friends of Lesstalk Records and 7x0x7.

In the meantime, you can listen to WELLS here:

[shoutout] Blackhole Radio #7 November 2011

November rolls around and Hafiz Bastard gives us yet another month of the now-infamous Blackhole212 Radio podcast. This month's selection features a good smattering of European punk amidst a few others from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States. If you didn't know DIY hardcore-punk is international, you better know it now.

Missed the other months'? You can still check them out here: That is the power of podcasts -- they're pretty much timeless, and it's never a case of snoozin' and losin'.