Monday, May 23, 2011

[event] Playfreely IV // 28th May 2011 @ Black Box, Goodman Arts Centre

When you start to play off the top of your head, that's when the truth is really known about people. - Steve Howe

A 6 part series of spontaneous, inventive musical collaboration between musicians from diverse musical backgrounds and genres. Venturing into unfamiliar artistic terrains, Playfreely engages various groups in a collaborative exchange to improvise without any boundaries, to release the shapes that are latent in that unique moment of time... to play freely.

Dominic Wan – acoustic guitar, woodwind
Ty Constant (Ang Mo Faux) – percussion
Tim O’Dwyer (Tim O’Dwyer Trio) – saxophone
Eli (The Psalms) - voice
Susanne Wurmnest – viola, saw
Joyce Teo (BronzAge Gamelan Ensemble) – assorted gamelan instruments

Part IV will be purely acoustic, without any amplification.

Presented by The Observatory in partnership with Ujikaji Records.

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Entry by donation (minimum $10).

Interviews, features and more on Playfreely at:

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