Thursday, August 18, 2011

[event] Super String Theory // 19th Aug 2011 @ Night & Day bar + gallery + friends

"Super String Theory"
feat. One Lick Less (FR, self-made tabletop guitar) & Jordan Johari (SG, guzheng, zither, guitar).

Admission by donation.

One Lick Less, a.k.a. Julien Bancilhon, brings to audiences a powerful, haunting dynamic sound using original, lapsteel guitars of the hawaiian and american tradition as well as unique, handmade guitars built from scratch in his home in Paris, France. A psychologist working with autistics by day, Bancilhon’s dedication to his music leads him by night to compose sublime melodies, augmented sometimes with poignant lyrics, fusing the traditions of american blues and experimental folk. Inspired by his travels and an insatiable appetite for life and the people he encounters through work and play, Bancilhon began his musical journey in his late teens with hours spent enraptured by the sounds of such blues and rock greats as Skip James, John Fahey and Henry Vestine. A native of South France, the decision in the mid 2000s to perform to a wider crowd beyond close friends and family has led One Lick Less to play and sing to enthralled audiences in Europe and China. Now, he is excited to deliver his richly layered and textured sonic style to South-east Asia.

Jordan Johari (born Rais Jordan Johari, on October 19, 1978, in Singapore) is a Malay multi-instrumentalist, experimental filmmaker, and score/song writer. Besides writing his own stuff, he also plays with Under The Velvet Sky, a Singapore-based free jazz/prog rock improv band.

Supported by Ujikaji Records.

And for those of you who may have missed One Lick Less's performance at his last gig (Frottage: Casual Encounters at the Pigeonhole iii.), you can do so here. Get stoked!

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