Tuesday, December 13, 2011

[tour] Night Hag (AU) SE Asia Tour (Jan 2012)

So, here's another bunch of highly-combustible, pissed-off Australian kids coming your way. What's new, you ask? We say PLENTY! Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, NIGHT HAG play a style of dark melodic hardcore, known in most circles as "blackened hardcore", a term which has been slowly but surely creeping into the excited vocabulary of many voracious ear-punishers in the scene -- first originating via bands such as the States’ own ravagers TEEN CTHULHU and then Canada’s anarchos ISKRA; and lately utilized by the earwax-removing BLACK BREATH and YOUNG & IN THE WAY.

This label may be alien to some. Why 'blackened' hardcore? Do you mean dark hardcore? No. All of the aforementioned bands come out with something which is like a cross between the hellish, cold brutality of Norwegian black metal and the harder, bleaker sounds of hardcore-punk. Imagine crust and black metal, powerviolence and black metal, grindcore and black metal, and even d-beat and black metal! At this point in time, the genre is still fresh and very encouraging for those who want to see a bit musical progression in the hardcore-punk scene. That said, not many are that successful in blending the many disparate influences into a cohesive free-flowing unique blend.

And NIGHT HAG does it well. They will be blazing a trail through Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia in a blitzkrieg 2-week tour so if you already like what you are hearing, you won't want to miss this!

More details for the Singapore show soon enough.

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p/s: They've got a Soundcloud here, too.

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