Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[event] We Know No Boundaries // 24th Mar 2012 @ Chapter 6 Studios

It's been a while since the Lion City DIY hardcore-punk scene saw a show made up of a full bill of local bands, so this may just mark the revival of that, who knows? This show also marks the release of grindviolence 2-piece ABRASION's CD EP before their Indonesia tour, so come on down and grab your copy!

Featuring some of the best names in the Singapore underground circuit, yet:

THIS IS ATLANTIS (atmospheric rock your socks)
PLUTO (brash in-your-face hardcore)
ABRASION (2-piece grindviolence)
VAARALINEN (Scandi worship punx)
SJANSE (skramz)

24th March 2012, 6PM
$5 at the door
Chapter Six Studios
87A Rowell Road

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  1. That was a really great show!

    Keep rockin'