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[event] Singapura Biarlain 2011 Rumah Terbuka a.k.a Singapore Let it be an Alternative 2011: Open House // 19th Mar 2011 to 16th April 2011 @ Straits Records

We'd almost missed posting this one. One more week to check out the show before it closes, folks!

Agitatsiya / Siti Zuraida / OneTwoDelta / Fidz / Siti Salihah Omar / Zaki Razak

Mondays to Fridays 5pm-10pm
Saturdays & Sundays 3pm-10pm

Straits Records (Straits) presents Singapura Biarlain 2011; Rumah
Terbuka (Singapore Let it be an Alternative 2011; Open House), its fifth launch since it was inaugurated in 2005 at 43 Haji Lane, a small quiet street on the outskirts of Kampong Glam city area. The aforementioned launch neither signify an ascension of profit nor to boast its new series of products, but to stamp a statement of Straits’ 16th year entrepreneurial spirit: by championing local artistes and independent labels, its seemingly ‘stubborn-feat’ for maintaining its existence within the premise of Kampong Glam and the advent of a fundraising initiative to upgrade its space to facilitate more community-driven activities; gearing toward an inclusive and encompassing social space. Singapura Biarlain 2011; Rumah Terbuka, is not to be perceived in alignment to the state’s supported Singapore Biennale scheduled from 13th March to 15th May 2011, but to be recognized as an alternate representation (a would-be-comparative event between the ‘spectacle and sensational’ and the ‘modest and closer-at-heart’) of a similar theme with a much streamlined intent: inviting guests with an open heart and open arms to Straits’ yet to be upgraded ‘open’ space with artistic installations, interventions and activities.

An event-based exhibition taking place from 19 March to 16 April 2011, Singapura Biarlain 2011; Rumah Terbuka features six contemporary Malays of various diverse interest, supporters of Straits, with a common aim: which is to develop the space into a facility that advocates knowledge and ‘encompassing art’. The exhibition aims to expand Straits’ entrepreneurial spirit and social sphere, to articulate Straits’ existence within the premise of Kampong Glam and to generate funds for Straits’ forthcoming artistic and educational initiatives.

Other features in the exhibition include:

• Installation of Straits Records’ historical archives organized by Agitatsiya

• New Paintings and T-shirt design by Shahril OneTwoDelta

• Prints based on the structural analysis of Jawi writings as well as workshop by Siti Salihah Omar

• Ballots, Bullets or Ballets, a mobile-election-installation and Heavyweights, T-shirt art with auction; by Zaki Razak

• Poetry Writings by Fidz

• Actions by Siti Zuraida

All the above objects are for sale excluding Straits Records’ historical archives.


Brief Bios:

Agitatsiya is a non-music branch of Straits Records, exists to "experiment" other art forms¬. Agitatsiya’s attitude towards its works and ideas are provoking yet sincere.

Siti Zuraida is a theatre practitioner who regularly performs for various theatre productions.

OneTwoDelta is a graphic designer and a street artist. He is also a member of street art collective, ARTVSTS.

Fidz, a graduate from National University of Singapore is a freelance writer.

Currently an Art Educator, Siti Salihah Omar graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education from National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Zaki Razak who recently completed his Masters in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts is interested in the human consciousness and the hermeneutics of art. He is also a member of street art collective, ARTVSTS.


About Straits Records:
Straits Records is a local record label dedicated to develop and promote original local and regional music. We believe in integrating music with various art forms, cultures and social issues/politics as a channel and vehicle, for both entertainment and creativity as well as education. Straits Records believe that music play an integral part of Singapore's cultural and artistic progress.

In existence since 1995, as Straits Distribution, serving the hardcore punk community by bringing in hard to get hardcore punk music from all over the world. In 1997, we change our name to Straits Records, and commit to release local English music. Our first release as a record label was The Jabs “Time of Negligence” CD EP. To help promote local and regional music to the masses, we have also actively organize music events at venues such The Arts House, The Substation, Esplanade and many more. Bands under our label have also tour regionally to promote Singapore music overseas.

Straits Records does not restrict to just promoting music, as we had collaborated with artists of different art forms, as to give a more visible experience to music. Ultimately, it is about individual equality, freedom of creativity and artistic excellence.


Singapura Biarlain 2011; Rumah Terbuka is a fundraising initiative by Straits Records and its Supporters to open up an ‘open-call’ calling for participants and potential collaborators for its open space. This initiative is self-funded by Straits Records and interdependent between its Supporters.

Singapura Biarlain 2011; Rumah Terbuka opens on 19 March, Saturday at 7.30pm till late.

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