Friday, April 8, 2011

[event] Can Cannot Also Can // 15th April 2011 @ The Substation

Lee Wen makes a full circle with a return to his earliest forays of poetry and singing. Besides the other influences it was through poetry reading and jamming at The Artists Village that started him on the road to performance art and other experimental practices.

Lee Wen’s lyrics are gutsy and poignant, sometimes personal and other times more socially relating to current cultural climate both local and global. Songs like "Art is ...Dead" deliver a punchy tune with simple lyrics warning us of the impending death trivializing our humanity by placing emphasis on market values and mindless consumer tastes for shameless repetition of tested formulas rather than research, innovations and explorations of new ideas or debate on social values.

Zai Kuning - guitars
Reef - bass
Hafiz Bastard - drums



Performance by Lee Wen (solo) - 7:30pm

Acoustic by Wen (solo) - 8.00pm

Interval - 8:20pm to 8:30pm

Electric Set
with Zai, Reef and Hafiz - 8:30pm to 10:00pm

Admission : S$10 only (You are allowed to sneak in free by order of the Anyhow Blues Project; after all this is not a Bob Dylan gig!)

CAN CANNOT ALSO CAN poster designed by Lin Shiyun, painting by Elena Erikkson. "Anyhow Blues Project" premiered at 9th International Performance Art, Turbine, Giswil Switzerland, Sept 11th 2010.

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