Sunday, September 11, 2011

[tour] Coche Bomba (FR) SE Asia Tour (Oct/Nov 2011)

COCHE BOMBA: five jerks from Lyon (France) starting playing fast, violent and distorted hardcore-punk at the beginning of the 90's. Not that they were ahead of their time, but their quirky sound, machine-gun drumming, odd tempo changes, were not that common by French standards back then. Instead of following trends or imitating bands, they developed their own musical approach. Lyrics, alternatively sung in French, English and Spanish deal mostly with socio-political issues.

They have been all over the place; US, Mexico, South America, their native European fronts and now they'll be here. Some of you old-school hardcore punkers must be shitting your pants!

Brought to you by 7x0x7, details for the Singapore show will be coming soon. Get ready to thrash!

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