Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[event] Dub Skank'in Hifi Soundsystem 1st Birthday Mashup // 8th Oct 2011 @ Blu Jazz Cafe

And they're back for the October session at Blu Jaz, with a special treat for their 1st birthday bash -- the debut of the Dub Skank'in Hifi house band INSTIGATOR AFRO ORCHESTRA plus four bands ranging from ska punk, indie/pop, experimental, to space rock. Also, in store for all junglist/DNB heads out there: an exclusive all-vinyl old-scool set by Zul of Subvert H on the 3rd floor!


Hailing from JB/KL, these boys from the Nyaring (JB) label have been trailbrazing the ska-punk circuit up and down the Malaysian peninsular for a good few years. In their own words, "I See Dumb People (ISDP) isn't really a "ska-band", just a bunch of friends who have the same interests, same musical influences, and same passion, to be good at the instruments they play"

Basically, they started in 2008 and got their very 1st show at "Ska + Punk Rock = Unite!" in 2009. Released their 1st single in 2010, called "Is It Me Or My World".

Formed in 1996, The Marilyns have since moved away from their previous indie-funk sound and have a new direction in the band. Drawing their inspiration from a variety of music genres from the 70’s to the 90’s, they play an alternative blend of pop, dance and indie rock music. What remains is their repertoire of both Malay and English songs and part of The Marilyns' uniqueness... perhaps lies in this bilingual songwriting.

After more than 10 years and with new additions to the line-up, the band has a multi-layered magic that defines their style. As the band has developed, increasing their diversification of musicians they have increasingly becoming more comfortable and confident than ever with their songwriting and arrangement. Describing themselves humbly as 'a band which was never been big or small in terms of success, but just there as a loyal participant in the Singapore indie scene', the group’s free-for-all creative approach speaks of an easy-going but no less dedicated personality.

Their latest album to date is POP.SG, aptly named as every song tells a story about life in Singapore, from social issues, to love and struggles in life. It has not been smooth sailing trying to create a Singaporean pop album as the band tries not to sound too 'singlish' or too 'ang moh'.

The band have injected a breath of fresh air into their new album. They’ve got the services from Scott Hull to do the mastering for their current album. Just like other previous discographies under Scott Hull Mastering charge (Panic@the Disco, John Meyer, Garbage & etc), POP.SG will be subjected to the “raw creative energy” and “passion” that Scott Hull Mastering represents, turning it into a form of music that "has never been heard before."

"Rock, Soul & Magical"

These are the qualities that can best described the trio from Lion City, Spacedays.

With a mission to re-create the 70s experimental space rock sound, the trio consisted of Mamat (Guitar/Vocals), Wan (Bass/Vocals), and Shaks (Drums),

They evolved into a spectacular catastrophic turn of events and from then on, the "Space" frontiers begin. With influences from the classic band such as Jimi Hendrix Experience, Grand Funk Railroad, Straydogs (SG) along with the trippy sound of Pink Floyd & The Doors. The boys sought out to re-create what was thought to be the new school of old school.


Coming out from the ashes of several bands like CESSPIT, STEELIES, MINUS, and THICKSKIN, they formed in 1997 and are influenced by the British underground street music from the early 80s.


ZUL - Subvert HQ (exclusive old skool jungle/d&b vinyl set)

Subvert HQ (SG) have been holding parties since 1998 featuring the likes of Friction, Stamina MC, John B, A-Sides, Pendulum, Cyantific, Sonic, London Elektricity as well as recently, Logistics and Hospital Records' Chris Goss. They've played everywhere from Hong Kong, London, and most of Asia. For booking info / MSN: or AIM ZulSubvert


Rumshot - ska, dub, reggae, dubtronica
Ras Irie - roots reggae vinyl set
Plus Nueva - live visuals, dub, jungle
Sham Em - dancehall, dub, reggae

Entry at $15 (includes 1 free drink - housepour/draft beer)
2nd and 3rd floor, Blu Jaz Cafe, 11 Bali Lane
A strictly 18 and above event
No outside food/drinks allowed