Friday, October 14, 2011

[event] Grapheme Zine Mosh // 15th Oct 2011 @ Grapheme Zine Lab

Grapheme Zine Lab is brewing at Goodman Arts Centre. Expect an experimental space where anyone can come craft a zine, learn book-making techniques, hang out with analog pets, or browse/buy an array of books and zines.

The Zine Mosh; the opening of the Grapheme Zine Lab, is an exhibition-cum-distribution experiment: 1 part tangible creativity, 2 parts freedom of self-expression. A heap of micro-publishing, a liberal sprinkling of the DIY ethos.

Join the people behind the Grapheme Zine Lab as they serve up independent book/zine forms of all shapes, sizes & contents. All manners of unique, locally-created zines & artist's books will be on exhibition & for sale. Zentai. Transient places now demolished. Haight-Ashbury free love. Polka-dotted bats.

Partaking in their vision and contributing works are an assortment of comrades, ranging from FALSE independent fashion anarchists Le Messie & Amanda S, to illustrators Twistii, Zxerokool and Sheryo, comic-book artist Troy Chin—and you, if you so wish.

Make a zine, bring it down, and you can sell it in the Lab. Or simply turn up with curiosity in your maw and leave satiated, pockets full of zines, inducted into the orders of indie-publishing.

Feat. Bani Haykal & Co. (experimental music), Polarity Press (zine distro), & Word Forward (performance poets).

15th Oct 2011 (Sat), 8pm
Grapheme Zine Lab
Goodman Arts Centre, Block B, #05-06

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