Friday, October 14, 2011

[event] Image, Materiality and Space // 21st Oct 2011 @ Goodman Arts Centre Gallery

A group exhibition featuring works by:

Abednego Trianto Kurniawan

Jason Lee
Kelvin Atmadibrata
Marla Bendini
Willis Turner Henry
Yang Jie

Venue: Goodman Arts Centre Gallery
90 Goodman Road, Blk B, #1-08, Singapore 439053

Opening Reception:
21 October 2011, 7pm – 10pm
There will be a performance by Marla Bendini at 7.30pm.

Exhibition Dates:
22 – 28 October 2011, 10am – 7pm
29 October 2011, 10am – 3pm

For more information, please email:

Image, Materiality and Space explores the relationship between sculptures, installation and photographs. This exhibition aims to bring forth the concept of materiality aspects in photographs, and how photographic prints, as a physical material, are able to amalgamate with 3-dimensional mediums or vice-versa. It hopes to bring out the awareness that photograph can also be considered as a form of material instead of solely as a two-dimensional image. Furthermore, it serves as an experimental platform for artists to explore the various possibilities of fusing photographs into the making of a three dimensional work. The inclusion of photographic images into a sculptural or installation artwork would motivate artists to think and work differently. At the same time, it seeks to push photography beyond its boundaries as 2-dimensional and allow photographs to work with surrounding spaces with the accompanied sculptural and installation work, be it site specific or not.

This exhibition is supported by National Arts Council, Arts Fund, and The Old Parliament House.

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