Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[muse] New World Order, Or No World Order?

by Andrew

So, now you think the world is being taken over by the 13 families of the illuminati, and that they are actually an alien species of reptile like Satan worshiping sentient beings that are hell bent on forging a new order, in which they are in charge, and force the world into submission of an absolute dictatorship in which there is no way out. And that now, you have taken upon yourselves to educate the masses on this foreign threat that everyone seems so oblivious about. All this because you’ve seen it plastered on the internet, and that you’ve read it on truth websites. You’ve done your homework. That’s why I’m here. To perhaps better equip you, to reach your goal of eventually singlehandedly destroying what you’ve dubbed the “new world order”. I will, in fact, try to argue (unfortunately, with myself) to the pros and cons of having a “new world order”. Bear in mind that these are just my opinions on the “new world order”, and whether it is fact or fiction.

There are many things that are being discussed about the new world order, henceforth, the NWO (not to be mistaken for the professional wrestling stable nWo) but perhaps nothing more than its endgame. I can’t see a better place to start then at the end. They plan to prune the world’s populace down to just 20 percent, and then enable themselves to live forever through preposterous advances in technology. Let’s just sit and ponder that for a second. Reducing the world to just 20% of the current 6.7 billion or so is no easy feat. Even for the affluent, no doubt extremely influential 13 of the illuminati. Some would say they would be using a “dooms day device”. No doubt the organizations like CERN and the like will be mentioned. Even then, what’s stopping the rest of the “free” world from fighting back? I do not think countries will sit by and do nothing, against the impending threat if say they use their doomsday device on a country or two. Men have always rallied against a common foe. Against Germany, Italy and Japan in world war two for instance. Do you really think we would sit and wait for our deaths when we can fight? That raises the question “what if our governments choose not to do anything, and sit back and watch”? What about it? Men will not sit and wait for someone they think are in cahoots with the enemy to make decisions for then, right? Surely we are not THAT stupid? Revolution will take place, probably new leaders set in place, ready to make decisions. But alas! What takes more lives than war? Perhaps, in our struggle to survive, we do their job for them?

There have been speculations that the illuminati are of a reptilian (for those who are unsure, think doctor Connors from spider man) aliens that have come from space. I like to think that this theory is slightly far-fetched. Like Nessy, there has been no actual documented proof of these lizard men. One would think that they ran the media! So, then should we start covering our heads with foil and hope to god they don’t probe us? I say no. That the threat of lizard men taking over the world, are close to zero, that these people are only human. Not wild lizard men from Jupiter.

There is also talk about free mansonry, and demon worship in the iluminati. A lot of this, according to Jonathan Black, in his book “secret history of the world” can be traced back to the knights templar, who were not only credited to have created banks, but also accused of heresy by the church because they’ve grown too powerful to control(we all know the church does this on a constant basis). According to Black, the knights templar practiced a form of spiritual initiation (which is by the way on of the main topics of the book) that has been practiced by ancient civilizations like the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Indians. Although I have my doubts about the book, it is possible that it is a smear campaign being held by the church to discredit the mystic roots of free masonry. Note that we’ve seen smear campaigns on almost everything the church deems wrong, or is gaining too much power or favour. And if this is the case, then, the NOW may be looked upon as a group of mystics who want to free us from what we have now?

There’s another rumor that all the presidents of the USA can be traced to these 13 families of the illuminati. We’ve seen this before, in Europe, Asia, and basically anywhere with a monarchy. This may just be a simple thing where the families take turns ruling the USA (you can see obvious signs of inbreeding /incest in George W Bush jr). Perhaps this theory is better than the working one of the NOW.

And how can we forget the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job? This one is simple. The government, with its ties and dependence on the big corporations needed an excuse to invade the oil filled middle east. The needed an excuse. So they created an excuse. Pretty straight up, yes?

Let’s think from another angle here for a moment. What if the NWO is just about unification of the world under one government, like in the book “brave new world” by Aldus Huxley. Would it then be easier from an anarchist point of view, to overthrow just one government? As opposed to anarchists being spread out, fighting their own wars, they now come together and collectively fight against just one system. It would be easier to combat, no?

But with all that is happening in the unseen realm of conspiracy theories, we neglect to think about what is happening right now, where men kill men for plots of land, where corporations exploit cheap labor of third world countries, capitalism afoot, like a tumor on healthy flesh. Materialism, our god and hate, everywhere. Many choose to blame the NWO for what is happening that they are the puppeteers beyond the veil. But it is us; the common people who choose to ignore these problems instead of doing something about it that are equally responsible for the plight we are in. But not many blame the common people. Because it’s so much easier to blame something you cannot see. Something that is beyond your reach. Then you would have done something without actually doing anything at all. It would leave you warm and fuzzy inside. Make you think you are a Campion of the people. Maybe your energy would be better spent doing something else? Perhaps, in the direction we are going, we could cause the new world order all by ourselves, without any outside help…

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