Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[tour] Sete Star Sept (JP) SE Asia Tour (Dec 2011)

Noise grind freaks take warning, because December will see manic 2-piece bass and drum grinders Sete Star Sept from Tokyo, Japan hitting up our region for a whirlwind 7-day tour. This is actually their 2nd tour of S.E. Asia, as they played a few shows way back in 2005 (if we are not wrong), though only in Malaysia and not anywhere else.

Links to their Facebook and MySpace pages can be found on their main website, www.7s7.org, and they have plenty of live videos on Youtube as well, so anyone who is curious to know more about the band, please feel free to check out whatever is available online.

If they are playing your city, you do not want to miss out on the show. For all the kids who heart blast beats, get ready!

Brought to you by the peeps from 7x0x7.

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