Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[shoutout] Shock&Awe! #4 out now!

Hot off the press this week comes the eagerly-anticipated fourth issue of Malaysian DIY-punk zine Shock&Awe! Need there be any introductions? If you've yet to know of this gem, we'd suggest that you grab it real quick before it gets snapped up (nah... we don't think they're that exclusive). But grab it real quick anyway. Because you seriously don't want to miss out.

They're having 3 launch parties in various cities in Malaysia towards the tail-end of Nov and in Dec to celebrate the birth of this new issue. If you're gonna be in the area, it is highly recommended that you go check out the shows, because we'd easily describe the line-ups as it is: gile babi*! 

They also wholesale at reasonable prices should you want to stock the zines in your distro/shop, with zines already currently distributed in a good number of places, from Singapore to France to Australia to Canada. Of course this is all on top of being pretty much ubiquitous in their home country of Malaysia (all over the bloody place!). For more details on where exactly they are distributed and where exactly you can lay your grubby hands on the zines, see here: http://shockawemedia.wordpress.com/distro-listing/

Anything else? They can be contacted at shock.awe00@gmail.com. We're sure there's that fanmail/hatemail column they're dying to fill.

*literally translated as crazy pig; also understood as out of this world.

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