Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[tour] Milisi Kecoa (ID) and Hårda Tider (SE) SE Asia Tour (Dec 2011)

Known for their energetic sets and heartfelt singalongs, the widely-loved MILISI KECOA from Indonesia are finally venturing outside of their home country to do a tour of Singapore and Malaysia, and then coming back full circle to Java to do an island-wide tour. And if this didn't sound good enough, their mates HÅRDA TIDER from Sweden are coming along with them!

Already, we know heaps of Swedish hardcore-punk fans are beyond stoked, as this is the first time any band from that region has stepped over to our shores. Imagine some tough-as-nails hardcore with mosh parts, except, y'know, played by punx coupled with a distinct Swedish Käng influence.

Singapore show (handled by Blackhole212/Pathetic Ape) details round the corner so keep your eyes peeled!   

This could potentially be one of the best closing tours of the year yet.

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