Thursday, June 9, 2011

[announcement] R2D2 V2

What you are looking at right now is the "new and improved" version of LIONCITYDIY. Some of you slightly more ardent fans may have seen this change take effect somewhere in the wee hours of 04/06, when we were still in the midst of some tinkering around, and could have been taken by (pleasant) surprise or (rude) shock. Either way, this is it, and it seems opportune that we launch this in June, the halfway mark of the year. To quote DIY-punk art extraordinaires Feeding, "If you do not like it, we do not care."

Following this revamp is a slew of upgrades that might potentially result in some ear-to-ear grinning. Well we would only allow that, and if you were to so much as flash a frown, we would suggest that you: 1) piss off outta here, you unappreciative punk, or 2) send us an email at lioncitydiy AT gmail DOT com to tell us what you don't like and/or would like to see. In true egalitarian spirit, we will take all suggestions into account and work towards making your stay here a pleasant experience (if it hasn't been, already).

We've added a spanking new navigation bar above, with an "Upcoming!" tab which serves as an one-stop glance at what's on for the current month, as well as a "Community" tab which provides links to other DIY-punk initiatives/projects/websites around the Australasian region. We have also added a "Resources" tab which will point you to other useful DIY-punk resources like this one. We believe in fostering solidarity amongst our comrades; after all no punk is an island.

Also, if you look over to your right you will see a "Subscribe Via Email" thingamajig which acts as an automated RSS feed for when we post new material. Enter your email address into the form if you are so inclined -- it would definitely save you the trouble of constantly checking back!

Last but not least, thanks to all for the support so far. As the days and months pass we only see our site hits increasing and that is what keeps us going. We don't know which of you faceless punks keep coming in here (except for the vague notion that you are from the region, and even from places as far away as the US and Russia) but it is nice to know you care. Expect more content in the coming months and write us an email (or comment! We hardly see any comments here... what, do you keep all your comments exclusive to Facefuckingbook?) if you ever want to make yourselves known. In the meantime, up the punx, and keep fighting the good fight -- whatever that is.

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