Friday, June 17, 2011

[shoutout] Raivoraittius SE Asia tour blog

Finnish hardcore-punk fellas RAIVORAITTIUS have been on the road since mid-May and are approaching the final leg of their tour now with a last show in Bangkok next Saturday. They have documented some of their experiences in an online tour blog which you should check out if you are: 1) interested to know what kind of shenanigans they have been getting up to, 2) interested to hear a bit more about what touring SE Asia might be like, 3) have intentions to tour SE Asia and want to get a bit of a lowdown, or 4) all of the above!

These folks have plans to eventually come up with a documentary of their tour and the SE Asian DIY punk scene so we would suggest that you watch very closely for developments. We know, there's that belief about punks wanting to do stuff and never getting anything off the ground but we've got faith in these ones!

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