Saturday, June 18, 2011

[tour] Comadre (US) Singapore/Malaysia Tour (July 2011)

Skramz fans rejoice!

The rumours are true: COMADRE (US) are indeed coming to Singapore and Malaysia for a short 1-week stopover in between touring Japan and Australia. Established in 2004, this "Bloodtown Crew" screamo 5-piece play a style of hardcore-punk which is at once energetic and fast but which still retains a sense of melody amidst the chaos. Sure, they've got all the trademarks of the prototypical screamo band: barely intelligible screaming, intertwining dissonant guitarists, and stupid (yet highly entertaining) voice clips. However, there is one thing you can't deny, and that is that the band does it amazingly well and you can't imagine not dancing to those tunes!

Also, if anyone is curious about the origins of the name, "comadre" is loosely translated as "godmother" in Spanish, and is also a slang term for anyone who is not related by blood but still feels like family. How's that for E-M-O? Bit of skramz trivia for you there, folks! We can imagine those skramz points going up a notch.

They will be touring with Malaysian emoviolence outfit FUJI (who used to be known as FUJICOLOR) throughout, with the Singapore show on the 26th of July set up by Prohibited Projects.

It wasn't gravity. It was the witches.

We can't bloody wait.

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