Thursday, June 16, 2011

[tour] Goum (JP) and Jah Excretion (JP) Singapore/Malaysia Tour (July 2011)

The past couple of years has seen innumerable touring bands in the SE Asia region, and this July is no exception. Some of you may be spoilt for choice for any number of reasons, but if you were to ask us, we'd advise you to make it a point to catch them all -- you don't want to miss out on the good stuff! After all, we'd never know when any of these bands would make the time (or the money) to tour these parts again in the near future.

Late July sees 2 Japanese acts GOUM and JAH EXCRETION tour Singapore and Malaysia. Little is known about Tokyo's GOUM really. Malaysian label Crysis Records had released the band's demo on a tape in October last year and that was as much as we'd heard. They play a dark, depressive variation of the modern crust (or "neo-crust", if you will) sound; think MADAME GERMEN meets SCHIFOSI but rawer and less refined. The dynamics also remind us of Japanese sludge/doom act BIRUSHANAH, who would use Japanese traditional percussion instead of the regular rock'n'roll drums.

And what about JAH EXCRETION? That is essentially a one-man sonic machine featuring Yu Iwasaki (fun fact: he used to play bass for grinding hardcore-punk powerviolence unit BRUTAL TERRORISM, who were on our shores last year), who has 3 releases out since 2009. Flitting between harsh white noise to trippy psychedelic ambient soundscapes, the man fucks with your mind. Prepare to be awed.

The Singapore show is slated to happen on the 24th July and is brought to you by Prohibited Projects. Line-up to be unveiled real soon so keep your eyes peeled.

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