Friday, June 24, 2011

[event] Anatomically // Self-Destruct vol. 4 w/ Atomgevitter (SCT/DE), Family Man (DE), Injakmati (ID), and Michael Crafter (AU)

And the 7x0x7 collective is back with another installment of Anatomically // Self-Destruct (what the hell does that even mean?), this time with a quadruple touring bill of 4 bands. There're a lot of 4s here it seems -- nobody better bring up some superstitious ideas.

Expect to see fast hardcore nutters ATOMGEVITTER from Scotland, who also shares a member with "archaic hardcore" band FAMILY MAN from Germany. Blasting their way through is 2-piece posiviolence crew MICHAEL CRAFTER (Australia), with the icing on the cake that is crust-grind outfit INJAKMATI (Indonesia).

Of course, no show is complete without local supports. Ex-"boyband of the year" a.k.a. brutal death fiver FLESH DISGORGED will be playing as well as veteran hardcore-punkers BLOODY REJECTS.

Not to be missed. At $10, it seems like it's worth every single cent!

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