Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[event] Distro Day Out // 28th & 29th Jan 2012 @ The Substation Gallery

A Carnival of S.E.Asian DIY hc-punk-underground distros!
28+29 Jan 2012 (Sat + Sun)
The Substation Gallery, 45 Armenian Street
12 noon till 10pm both days
Admission is free

With appearances by: Prohibited Projects, Slap Bet Records, Haxanhaus Records, Straits Records, Azadghei Records, War Free Zone, Fathomless Depths, Alternaive Distro (BDG), Pustaka Semesta infoshop (KL), Thrash Steady Syndicate, Because of The Night zine, & more!

And performances by: (Sat) CIRCUITRIP, DJ URINE (FR), and (Sun) DJ BASTARD!

The organizer (Prohibited Projects) is still looking for more distros to participate so if you're interested, do get in touch: prohibitedprojects@gmail.com

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