Saturday, January 21, 2012

[event] I Heart Emoviolence X // 28th Jan 2012 @ The Lithe Paralogue Studio

We know, all you skramz kiddos have been awaiting the news for this with bated breath.

PETETHEPIRATESQUID (DE/SW) are going to be rolling in helter-skelter just like the style of post-punk/hardcore that they play, which is at times jangly, at times melodic, and at times off-kilter. Merely classifying them skramz really wouldn't be completely doing them justice!

Haven't heard of them? You've got about a week to check out their discography. No doubt, you''re going to be inching to the front to dance & sing-along to this one.

W/ supports emo revivalists PATHOS, riot-grrl hxc BLOODY REJECTS and new skramz outfit THE FURY (ex-MY PRECIOUS, that should seriously create some hype).

Doors open at 6pm, and tickets are $6 a piece. Come early and hang out!

Brought to you by 7x0x7.

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