Monday, January 9, 2012

[event] Identite 5.1 // 13th Jan 2012 @ Home Club

Definition – The state or fact of remaining the same one or ones as under varying aspects or conditions.
I-den-ti-te aims to bring on different genres of local bands into a gathering experience. Always acting as a platform to escalate new and young talents, going forth, branding music capabilities. A new series of programming will entice freshness and depth in accordance to awareness within the local music scene. Be it from the roots of Punk and Hardcore or the progression of Post-Rock and IDM to the commercial value of Pop or the swinging beats of Jazz. These series of pure friendship and music will fill your needs on every other Friday evenings at Home Club. An introduction of what dreams are made of.

A growing brand among the local music scene, the team has churned and discovered new talented acts.
Identite nights represent that love and respect that we all have for the local music scene. Come and enjoy your evening with them and communicate with and about music.

13th January, 2012, Friday, 18 and above
$12 (includes a housepour drink and entry to BEAT! after)

Brought to you by Home Club, The Rockstar Collective (RSC), and 7x0x7.



SLEEP EASY is a mild cocktail of daydreams, nocturnal dreams, the imagined and play-written conversations that condense from seconds of isolation in a small steel flask and drunk only in morning’s darkness or in night’s light. An attempt to project a sufficiently reasonable façade to ease the out-of-line colouring that often rises to the skin surface of its lone member. SLEEP EASY tries to be the short story secretly tucked into the front breast pocket of a writer, a paltry symbolism of reverie, of pondering and of mere thought.


The Psalms is a band formed in Singapore, circa 2006. Initially, the band dabbled in music influenced by DAUGHTERS (US) and THE LOCUST (US) with much exploration in discordance or dissonance with objectives aimed at defining and redefining music. In 2008, the band experienced a change in their lead vocals and construction in their sound.

The band was featured in an interview with France's VoxPop, a reputable music magazine, and was described as "rhythmic potency in metal sounds with guitars blending both hardcore and noise, and a voice, similar to that of Camellia Jordana calling us into singing, shouting, and story-telling." In a gig review, The Jakarta Post journalist, Ari Ernesto Purnama who calls THE PSALMS as "Singapore's pro-rock jewel" with "perhaps, if I follow my instincts, I can say that they're SUN RA with rock riffs and a jazz improv a la MILES DAVIS with surprises thrown here and there, plus distorted bass lines akin to Japan's RUINS."


Formed in 2004, Paris In The Making started out as a five piece rock outfit formerly known as DYNA TURMOIL. Heavily influenced by the European/Japanese screamo scene infused with elements of post-rock citing the likes of heavyweights ENVY and MOGWAI, as prime examples. At present the band is planning out to finish a long-awaited full length album and an Indonesia tour is scheduled upon the release. 


South Australia's hardcore workhorse NIGHT HAG makes Singapore their 1st stop in their SE Asia tour this month. This 2-week blitzkrieg tour will see them bring their brand of blackened hardcore to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia in support of their debut full-length Gilded Age, which has been ranked 5th on CVLT Nation's Top 6 Hardcore Albums of 2011 list. Expect to experience anxiety-inducing black metal to threatening doom, their only constant being the hardcore energy. Relentless Australian touring (this tour being their first overseas) and multiple releases have seen NIGHT HAG develop into one of the most exciting heavy bands around, with a live show not to be missed.

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