Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[event] Frottage: Casual Encounters at The Pigeonhole v. // 9th Feb 2012 @ The Pigeonhole

  Unrelenting hardcore-punk party starters 7x0x7 are at it again, bringing you the cult series of intimate musical presentations Frottage, at book cafe and dynamic arts space The Pigeonhole. Number five in the series sees indie folk-pop artists in the form of Jess Locke and Virginia Sook – both hailing from Sydney, Australia – who are touring together in Southeast Asia for the first time. Supported by awe-inducing atmospheric rock band This Is Atlantis (first show in almost a year!), and wistful acoustic trio Penpusher, this installment is a gem not to be missed.

9th February (Thursday)
The Pigeonhole, 52/53 Duxton Road
Doors open at 7.30pm, performances begin at 8pm.
$10 at the door



Jess Locke plays simple yet infectious songs that could be folk, country, pop, indie and sometimes even punk. Hailing from the Central Coast of NSW and currently based in the heart of Sydney, she has created several collections of songs including an EP, an album of home-recorded demos and, most recently, a split tape/CD with N. Martin. Jess has been writing and playing solo since around 2006 and can now be found playing with her band all over Australia.
Lindsay, also known as Virginia Sook has turned her stripped back acoustic songs into full band arrangements, which brings her on the road for her SE Asia tour with good mate Jess Locke this Feb. Perfect for fans of lovely storytelling and acoustic music.

With a magnificent aptitude for texture and a distinctive blend of both the intricate and organic, Fadzil, Wan G, Sufi and Noor’s chemistry makes them unmistakably This Is Atlantis. Guitar works that complement each other with each own’s unique style, sometimes uniting to deliver strength in a single guitar pattern to give their music trouble free dynamics, edge and that definitively post rock climaxes. Their drummer, quite decisively seems to refuse to give in to the atmospheric soundscapes solely, and chooses to escape by giving those ethereal melodies some little mathy calculative madness. With each member’s unique style, an arguably genuine sound arises.

Penpusher is quite simply a songwriting unit still in the works. Ave Chan, Brian Leery and Thomas Wu meet up with the intention to perform songs that weave observations of everyday thoughts and emotions. They try to express it all as little soliloquys that seek to take the audience into tiny worlds within tiny universes.

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