Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[tour] Video Nasty (AU) SE Asia Tour (Feb 2012)

We told ya, Feb is Aussie month. Following hot on the heels of CLOWNS, JESS LOCKE, and VIRGINIA SOOK is fastcore outfit VIDEO NASTY. Over here we have a special penchant for short, fast, and loud bands so this is something we are highly anticipating. We've seen some pretty crazy-looking shows courtesy of YouTube with their manic vocalist Mishu so hold tight for this! 

Word has it that they will be releasing a tape in time for the tour, too. There will also be shirts. And as if all of this wasn't good enough, Malaysian and Indonesian punk kids will see this band's (English) lyrics translated into the respective native languages too. We love it when stuff is accessible to everyone.

Watch out for Singapore show details round the corner.

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